Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Market Media?

Digital Market Media is the leader in pay per call marketing. Our real-time calls marketplace delivers customers who are serious enough about buying that they pick up the phone and call. We offer exclusive leads generation, inbound call generation and media buying as a means of reaching and closing your most valued prospects.

Who can use Digital Market Media?

Any business can use Digital Market Media to optimize sales using any of our custom marketing services.

What is inbound call generation?

Inbound call generation, or pay-per-call marketing, is the best way to maximize conversions for your business. Inbound calls ensure that your sales team has a steady flow of interested customers to close.

How can inbound call generation increase sales for my business?

Customer acquisition studies confirm that inbound phone calls are up to 15 times more likely to convert compared to traditional web leads… and they convert up to 300% faster! This means only talking to customers who are ready and willing to buy, making the sales process easier and quicker for your team.

What is media buying?

Media buying is made up of direct response marketing, which offers immediate results. The call to action is picking up the phone or visiting a website, meaning customers are already immediately interested in your product or service. When your target consumers are calling you, all that’s left to do is refine your sales pitch and get ready for the volume of calls you will receive.

How can media buying increase visibility for my business?

Digital Market Media offers local, regional and national media buying opportunities for radio, television and direct response print campaigns.

How much does media buying cost?

Our team of media buyers have 40+ years of combined experience, which makes them the ideal candidates to handle buying media spots for your ads at a preferred rate. Buying media spots in large volumes allows us to offer pre-negotiated rates for up to 75% off! Allow us to handle production and with this cost savings you can invest valuable money into other areas of your business. At Digital Market Media, we offer the best creative to attract your ideal consumer, a full-scale production team and experienced media buyers who will get you the best deal for premium spots for your ads.