Written By
Susan Anderson
final expense / March 12, 2019

7 Reasons Live Transfer Leads for Final Expenses Give Such a High ROI

Written By
Susan Anderson
7 Reasons Live Transfer Leads for Final Expenses Give Such a High ROI

Live Transfer Leads for Final Expenses

Death and taxes, the two absolute certainties in life. Combine them with politics, religion, and money and avoid discussing any of them, and you’ll do just fine in most social situations.

Talking about death isn’t going to make anyone the life of the party. (If it does, you probably should reconsider who’s in your social circle!) Yet, people who are looking for final expense insurance - also called burial insurance - really DO want to talk about it.

Live Transfer Leads for Final ExpensesThat’s why, even if this market leaves most people cold, final expense policies sell like hotcakes… assuming you’re talking with the right people at the right time. If you’re looking for live transfer leads for final expense insurance, we know we can help you get as many as your call center can handle.

But unless you’ve already bought warm transfer calls or leads from Digital Market Media, you might appreciate getting to know us a little before we do business together. That said, here are seven reasons we get excited about getting ready buyers on the phone for you - people who are eager to get the task of buying burial insurance ticked off their to-do lists.

#1 Live Transfer Insurance Leads for Final Expenses Convert Fast

While final expense insurance isn’t typically at the top of anyone’s wishlist, by the time a consumer recognizes it would be wise to buy a policy, it’s a relatively easy sell. Often, someone they know died without burial insurance. They’ve had the sad experience of watching loved ones scramble to cover the unbudgeted expenses that come from paying for a funeral. They know one thing: They never want their family to have to bear that kind of burden while they’re grieving. With a policy in place, they can give a final gift to their loved ones - freedom from having financial anxiety piled on top of sorrow.

In other words, this is not the kind of purchase people make on a whim. They know they need it. They don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping around for something they need but don’t particularly want - and something they’ll never enjoy personally. If you can provide them with a policy that fits their needs, the sale is yours.

#2 Human Beings Long for Some Sense of Control

Live Transfer Leads for Final ExpensesWith death, typically the when and how of our passing is not within our control. But even without having much say-so on those points, the option of pre-planning and pre-paying our funerals is absolutely within reach.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, “Planning funerals in advance allows individuals to plan a memorable funeral service that reflects their wishes. With advance planning, families today can plan celebrations of life as unique as the individual being remembered. Today's funerals include adding personal touches such as favorite music and incorporating hobbies and life's accomplishments.”

By buying funeral insurance sufficient to cover the details of their final wishes, a policyholder is much more likely to have the send-off they’ve planned instead of just whatever their loved ones can afford on the spot.

#3 The Best Live Transfer Insurance Leads Have Done Some Research Already

Once a consumer starts looking at their final expense options, they discover this purchase isn’t as straightforward as it seems. The lingo in this industry isn’t as well-known as in many - so shoppers are eager to get some help in making a decision.

For example, they soon learn that “pre-planned” really only means that their loved ones will know exactly what they have in mind for their funeral. They may also realize that “pre-paid” often only refers to having an arrangement with the funeral home they’ve chosen. That means covering their own final expenses out of their own pockets. As we’ve already discussed, that’s not likely to happen. Given the choice between using their savings to help children and grandkids with education expenses versus sacrificing those saved dollars to pay for their own funeral, not many will follow through with a prepayment arrangement.

When you get a live transfer lead who’s done their homework, they already know that what they really want is final expense insurance. Knowing what they don’t want is the first step toward finding a solution that provides what they do want. This means that by the time these educated consumers speak with you, they’ve already sold themselves on the value of buying a final expense policy.

#4 Everyone Knows Funerals Are Expensive, But Nobody Saves for Them

Live Transfer Leads for Final ExpensesWe save for vacations, the holidays, college, and retirement. Well, some of us do, anyway. If saving were easy, everyone would do it. Even then, though, most of us are more likely to save for expenses we want, not for expenses we have to pay.

In fact, according to SmartAsset, the average American’s savings vary a lot by age:

  • Under 35: $1,580

  • 35-44: $5,000

  • 45-54: $6,500

  • 55-64: $8,500

  • 65-74: $10,000

  • 75+: $11,000

That’s not a lot of money, is it? With the ever-increasing expense of funerals, most Americans couldn’t afford the send-off they’d want. By investing in a burial policy, they can hedge their bets, get the funeral they want, and not wipe out their entire savings in the process.

#5 Final Expense Insurance Is Easier to Get than Life Insurance

The barriers to getting a final expense policy are much lower than trying to buy the typical life insurance policy. After all, the whole premise is the certainty that the policyholder will eventually die. Plus, the payout amounts are typically much lower than life insurance benefits are - and they can only be used to cover funeral expenses. The ease of getting approved means that more of the calls your team takes will actually result in a policy purchase rather than being turned down.

Not only are funeral insurance policies easier to get than life insurance policies, they usually cost much less. In fact, according to Aging in Place, “These sample premiums are for a 65-year-old woman who lives in Texas and does not smoke:

  • Death Benefit of $10,000 for Simplified Issue: $37

  • Death Benefit of $10,000 for Guaranteed Issue: $54

  • Death Benefit of $20,000 for Simplified Issue: $71

  • Death Benefit of $20,000 for Guaranteed Acceptance: $107”

Even as a rough estimate, this means your prospective customers aren’t as likely to have a coronary on the spot when they find out how much they’ll need to pay. Avoiding sticker shock can go a long way toward closing a sale.

#6 Live Call Transfer Leads Convert Best When Callers Have a Great Initial Experience

Live Transfer Leads for Final ExpensesWe don’t know about all of the other places you could buy final expense warm transfer calls, but here at Digital Market Media, we ONLY send your new policy holder calls through an onshore call center. From the moment they call in, they experience nothing but extraordinary customer service. There are no language barriers and no sense of “why am I calling overseas to discuss such a sensitive topic?”

The better the first impression, the more likely a caller is to continue the discussion. Our call center agents are highly-trained to be especially gracious, empathetic, and professional. In fact, there may be no better description than “warm transfer” for the way your callers are treated at every turn before they reach your call center.

#7 Warm Transfer Leads for Final Expenses Are Supremely Compliant

If you read through our website - and especially if you read our book Have Them At Hello: How the Best Call Centers Crush Sales Projections, you’ll learn how important we think compliance is. In an industry where so many lead and call providers expend a lot of resources trying to get around DNC and TCPA compliance regulations, we might be considered an oddity. We’re proud of that, though.

Compliance is one of the biggest reasons final expense warm transfers are one of our favorite offerings. We go to great lengths to protect our clients and to educate them about best practices in compliance matters. That’s why every single call that reaches your call center is backed by proof of prior written consent via Jornaya or Trusted ID.

Want to Test Our Final Expense Live Transfer Leads?

Live Transfer Leads for Final ExpensesIf everything you’ve just read has you more interested in a trial run with our live transfers, there’s one more bit of information that you’ll want to have. Not only are we practically obsessed with compliance - we also know that the best way to build an ongoing relationship with our clients is to ensure that you are really happy with the calls you buy from us.

That’s why we offer a 90-second duration with each call. That means you don’t pay a penny unless you agree with us that it’s a good call. You’ll have a whole minute and a half to talk with the prospective buyer free of charge. If for some crazy reason, the call isn’t up to snuff, just end it in that time frame and you won’t pay for it. We’re that confident that you’ll be delighted with the quality of our calls.

The only thing left to do is to reach out and talk with us about running a test together. Once you’re as thrilled with our compliance, quality, and affordability as we know you will be, then all you have to do is tell us how many calls you want each week and we’ll make it happen!

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