Written By
Susan Anderson
data leads / March 19, 2019

Final Expense Leads: THESE Folks Actually Want to Talk about It

Written By
Susan Anderson
Final Expense Leads: THESE Folks Actually Want to Talk about It

Final Expense Leads - Need More?

A fun fact:

The hummingbird eats twice its weight in nectar every single day.

Thank goodness they’re tiny. Can you imagine if hummingbirds were 100x their size? Having something that ravenous and huge flying around would be terrifying! But it’s a rather impressive super power, isn’t it?

If you’re in charge of providing final expense leads to your call center, you’ve probably marveled at a similar feat among your agents. They go through data leads shockingly fast, so it falls to you to go get more. And more. And still more.

Obviously, we’re all going to die.

So, final expense insurance should be an easy sell… to every single human on the planet. Yet, it’s anything but!

The Certainty Nobody Wants to Talk About

Humans have their own rather impressive super power. It’s being able to shove certainties into the shadows instead of facing them, including the inevitability of our own deaths.

Despite the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, Six Feet Under, or even the YouTube sensation, Ask a Mortician (713,292 subscribers!)... nobody wants to talk about death. At least not their own.

Except that some people DO want to talk about it - at least inasmuch as they know they don’t want to leave their loved ones with a big bill. They know that by buying final expense insurance (or they might call it burial insurance or funeral insurance), they can essentially pick up the bill from the great beyond.

But THESE Folks Do Want to Talk About It

Final Expense LeadsWhile their fellow humans do their best to ignore this fact of life, there are people who realize that if they take care of business now, their families will be incredibly glad they did.

They realize that:

  • Funerals are astonishingly expensive - averaging $7,000 - $10,000.

  • Burial is also expensive - anywhere from $5,000 - $7,000 is normal.

  • Funeral homes typically expect payment upfront - there is no payment plan.

  • They may not qualify for traditional life insurance, but the requirements for final expense insurance are easier to meet, so they’re not likely to be turned down.

  • Policies may cost as little as $50 a month, a small price to pay to remove this burden from their loved ones’ shoulders.

Once they decide it’s time to get a policy, they’re ready to do business. In fact, they may even be ready to buy for themselves and their spouse - so a single phone call can easily turn into two sales.

The Trick Is Getting the Right Leads on the Phone

Final Expense LeadsIt’s not like you can open a phone book (do they even still make them?) and start dialing for dollars. Instead, beating that sales quota is easiest when you get the right people on the phone. That’s where buying data leads for final expense insurance enters the equation.

We can help with that. In fact, we generate high-quality, fully-compliant final expense insurance leads all day, every day. Here’s how:

  • We are super picky. We work with a core of hand-picked publishers who are as fanatical about compliance as we are. They have a healthy respect for the TCPA and DNC and realize that the smartest strategy is to take a long-term view of success. While it takes a lot more work and money to generate leads the right way, there really IS no other way to go. How picky are we? Well, only about 1% of the publishers who apply to work with us get approved. That’s pretty picky.
  • Our publishers reach your final expense insurance prospects. They might be bloggers who have audiences filled with your ideal buyers. They might run pay per click ads or connect with your buyers on social media. They might even use email marketing or run commercials on TV or radio. These publishers know their livelihood depends on how well they can reach your target market and get them to take the next step toward buying a policy.

  • Your next final expense insurance buyer asks for help. They could be watching TV, reading articles online, listening to the radio, or even catching up with friends and family on social media. They may even start Googling burial insurance. But wherever they started the process of shopping, they’re likely to run into one of our publishers’ ads and then take the next step toward buying a policy. They’ll fill out a form and agree to a call. (Our publishers are required to use TrustedForm or Jornaya - crucial for proving the “prior written consent” required by TCPA regulations.)

Then, Your Sales Team Closes the Deal

Final Expense LeadsEver try selling saltwater to a thirsty crowd? Of course not! But selling any cool, thirst-quenching beverage would be a snap. It’s all about putting your offer in front of the right people: people who are ready, willing, and able to buy from you. That’s our job - helping you get those “right” people on the phone.

Selling final expense insurance to the right people at the right time is as easy as presenting their options, answering their questions, and finalizing the sale for them. You’ve got that part down pat because you’ve trained your team well, right?

Get All the Final Expense Leads You Can Handle

In the end, selling this kind of insurance is a lot like gathering low-hanging fruit… at least if you’re working with great leads. They’re ready, they want to get this task done and put it out of their minds, and they need your help to find the policy that suits them best.

Our mission is to provide you with as many leads as you can close. Once you’ve worked the leads you buy from Digital Market Media, you’ll be back for more! After all, everything we do here is aimed at helping you succeed.

Want to run a test of our final expense insurance leads? The next step is to have a quick conversation with us to let us know how many you want. We’ll take it from there!

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