Written By
Tom Carolan
final expense / July 1, 2015

#1 Best Final Expense Leads Provider [Buy Live Transfer Leads]

Written By
Tom Carolan
#1 Best Final Expense Leads Provider [Buy Live Transfer Leads]

Final expense insurance is a strange mix of something that everyone should have, not a lot of people are knowledgeable about, and no one wants to talk about.

As a result, at times, even the most experienced agents and agencies can find difficulty generating final expense leads. One of the main remedies to this is to buy final expense pay per call leads.

But how effective are they? What can you expect for results? How much do they cost?  Are they right for you? And what should you know about them before getting started?

At Digital Market Media, we specialize in generating high quality final expense pay per call leads for our clients while maintaining low CPA. In this guide, we will answer all of these questions and more in order to help you figure out if pay per call final expense insurance leads are best for your agency, and what steps to take next.

Why Buy Pay Per Call Final Expense Leads?

Let’s be honest, it’s the first question that pops into your head when ending up on an article like this. So why in the world should you purchase Final Expense pay per call leads? What makes them a good investment and how can you justify purchasing them for your agency?

1. Save Money & Time

With pay per call final expense leads you can save a tremendous amount of time and money for your organization. Having a lead source that is affordable and remains consistent will enable your company to achieve long term success by allowing your agents to focus on only the most important leads on a day to day basis.

This increases their profitability for your company by allowing their training and expertise to constantly be used to boost the bottom line. More importantly, agents don't have to spend their time rifling through call lists, cold calling practices, and other less effective methods of generating final expense leads. Instead, agents can focus specifically on exclusive leads in real time that are already warm.

2. Convert More Leads

Final expense pay per call leads are known to have significantly higher closing rates than many other lead generation strategies. There are a few main reasons for this:

  • Your agents only speak to highly qualified leads
  • Agents only speak with exclusive leads

In some cases, if you purchase live transfer final expense leads, you can even have warm leads handed off directly to your agents after they have been educated and warmed up by final expense specialists.

3. Keep Lead Quality High & CPA Low

Paying for final expense leads helps to keep lead quality high, while mitigating high CPA. There is truly no better combination for the long term success and growth of your agency.

With a good enough final expense lead generation company, your only concern will be training your agents well enough to boost closing rates.


What Should I Look for in the Best Final Expense Leads Provider?

If you are considering purchasing final expense leads on a pay per call basis, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind in the consideration process:

  • Lead exclusivity
  • USA based teams
  • Compliance with TCPA and DNC
  • Fixed prices per lead
  • Results

Let’s explore each.

1. Exclusive Final Expense Pay Per Call Leads

You absolutely want to look for exclusive final expense leads. This means leads that are strictly yours, not resold to any other agent or agency. It's difficult enough to succeed in this competitive industry, so there's no point in trying to fight over shared leads - especially ones you have paid good money for.

A secret bonus to exclusive leads is that you will come in contact with final expense leads that are not quite ready for a solution at this point in time, but will be a few years down the road. Buying exclusive final expense leads allows you to hold on to them indefinitely, knowing that you can contact them again when the time is right.

2. Team Based in the USA

You want a team that is based in the United States so that you can always talk to someone on the phone when you need answers to your questions, or have an email returned to you immediately. On top of that, you want to make sure that the people representing your company can adequately satisfy the needs of your leads.  

Teams that are outsourced, no matter how efficient, will always be dealing with the issue of time zone delays, bad timing via email, and miscommunications. In order to work efficiently and have the best chance to connect with high quality final expense pay per leads, you will want to choose a US based solution.

3. Compliance With TCPA & DNC

When selecting a solution for your final expense insurance lead generation needs, it is essential that you work with a company that makes compliance their main priority.

This means that all of their sales data is scrubbed so it is completely compliant and loaded directly into a state-of-the-art CRM platform. This type of system maximizes leads while keeping CPA low.

More importantly, this process circumvents any risk that your company will face from non-compliance, such as lawsuits, fines, and reputation damage. The last thing you want is to pay for a lead that can put your company out of business.

4. Fixed Price Per Call Final Expense Leads

There are tons of shady companies out there that claim one price per lead, and then as soon as you hit a certain threshold, jack the prices up as a result of some term and condition they printed in one section of a 120 page document.

When working with a pay per call final expense lead generation company, you want to make sure that they have transparency when it comes to their pricing model, and that their prices are strictly based on a per call basis.

5. A History of Results

Dozens of agencies can talk the talk. Leads this, closing rate that, but what are they really doing for their clients? How do their results stack up to the competition?

Always be sure to ask these questions when looking for pay per call final expense leads, otherwise you might wind up with some subpar leads and a tainted view of how these lead services work - making you avoid a long term profitable solution because of one poor short term experience.


What is the Best Type of Final Expense Lead for My Business?

The best type of final expense leads, hands down, are live transfer final expense leads. While they are more expensive when looking at individual lead cost, they provide a multitude of benefits over other lead generation strategies.

Why Live Transfer Final Expense Leads Are Best

So why do we consider live transfer final expense leads to be the best? There are a few main factors that set them apart from every other type of final expense lead:

  • Vetting
  • Consistent contact
  • Not charged for disconnects/hang ups

Let’s examine each of these factors in depth.

The Vetting Process

Live transfer final expense leads are by far the best type of leads because of their extremely high quality. Prior to ever reaching your agents, these leads are prequalified based on:

  • Health history
  • Income
  • Age
  • Interest level
  • & more…

On top of that, they are also prepped for the conversation with your agent perfectly, understanding the process. Also, they are educated on their options and asked even more pre-qualifying questions prior to ever being transferred.

Consistent Contact

The number of times a lead is contacted is very crucial to their likelihood to becoming a sale. Agents usually call between one and three times, but a good company calls 7 or 10 times if not more in order to really collaborate with and warm up the lead. This is before these live transfer final expense leads ever even speak to an agent from your company...

This maximizes time savings and closing rates, allowing you the peace of mind to know that by the time a lead is ever funneled to one of your agents, it has a very high likelihood of becoming a sale.

Not Charged for Disconnects/Hang Ups

If leads hang up or get disconnected, the best live transfer final expense leads do not charge for specific time periods. This means your company isn't losing money each time a phone call disconnects or a lead isn’t interested after being transferred.

This keeps CPA low. But more importantly, you can make the most out of your agents time by allowing them to select the most profitable selling times to receive calls.

How Do Live Transfer Final Expense Leads Work?

With live transfer pay per call final expense leads, your agents don't have to chase down uninterested individuals. Instead, they can enjoy exclusive leads that are literally transferred to them in real time rather than forcing them to track down the leads themselves.

These leads allow your agents to connect with prospects instantly which cuts down the follow-up time by approximately 90% and exponentially multiplies commissions.

With live transfers, telemarketers find interested prospects who have yet to take action and then transfer them to agents at half the cost.

They utilize scripts that are tailored to properly qualify the health and interest level of the lead prior to transferring them to agent. The pre-qualification process helps to screen for critical illnesses before connecting leads to agents.

Targeted filters will transfer live leads for final expense Insurance specifically for people who are between 50 years and 58 years old with income levels between $15,000 and $45,000.

These pre-qualified leads get transferred to your agent in real time and if the agent is unable to answer, the telemarketer reaffirms the lead that the agent will call them back shortly and then delivers that lead instantly to the agent via email.

Live Transfer Pay Per Call Final Expense Leads vs. The Rest

So how did live transfer pay per call final expense leads compare to other lead generation strategies?

1. Telemarketer Final Expense Leads

Telemarketers can be used to help you cold call but it requires a great deal of work for you because you have to start by posting a job advertisement for the position, conducting background checks for any of the telemarketers you want to hire.

It also requires researching different dialing software to use, creating the telemarketing script that they will rely upon, training each of these people on the fundamentals of the insurance industry, and then trying to regularly manage their performance.

If you do not want to go through the process of creating your own team, there are teams for hire out there that provide final expense leads on a pay per call basis, but they have a relatively similar CPA to live transfers, and when you factor in the extra time needs for agents, it more or less evens out in the wash.

2. Direct Mail Final Expense Leads

With direct mail final expense leads, you have to focus on obtaining a postal permit, hiring graphic designers to create the content you're going to send out, and properly targeting leads through a leads list you must purchase.

You have to regularly purchase up to date data that relies upon the right filters,compare different printing machines, pay for the printing and the postage, and keep track of each campaign.

Using direct mail is still very effective especially among older individuals, meaning you should always try to implement it in small doses to your outreach strategy, but it shouldn't be your main source of lead generation. Phone calls should remain your main source of lead generation as they have a higher conversion rate and a lower CPA.

3. Facebook Final Expense Leads

In recent years, Facebook advertising for final expense insurance, along with other types of life insurance products like Medicare have actually shown a positive ROI. This makes them a great lead generation opportunity, but it still should be used as more of a supplemental source for leads.

The reason for this is that even the leads you do generate still need to be called by an agent, vetted, and then potentially closed. This makes the CPA slightly higher than it appears in your campaigns, as this time needed from the agent must be factored into the equation.

Nevertheless, this is still a profitable long term strategy, but it should be used as more of a supplemental final expense lead generation strategy and used in conjunction with pay per call final expense leads.

4. Avatar Final Expense Leads

Avatar generation is a call center that's effectively a form of telemarketing. Unfortunately if lead generation operators have foreign accents, the conversion rate drops by 80%.

More importantly, the FTC has banned Avatar based telemarketing methods as a means of generating leads so these are definitely not the best options to use.

To most people who have been in the industry for a while, this comes as no surprise. But for new agents and agencies, there is nothing more important when it comes to final expense pay per call leads than compliance.

Sadly, there are tons of companies that offer pay per call leads which are still generated illegally because of lack of compliance with TCPA and DNC or through Avatars. This problem can transfer over to your business, leading to lawsuits, fines, and ultimately, the shutting down of your business.

3 Ways to Generate Free Final Expense Leads

Okay, so technically there is no completely “free” way to generate final expense leads, or any type of leads for that matter. However, there are some methods used by agencies with low budgets that are still effective, if done properly.

1. Cold Calling

Cold calling is still a very reliable method for generating final expense leads on a pay per call basis. It allows you to capitalize on free data lists and leverage this information to speak with qualified leads.

In the long run, this is a numbers game, but there is also a bit of vetting needed to make the most of your time and budget. Overall, this strategy can be effective if done right, but even the best cold calling strategies do not compare in terms of CPA to live transfer final expense pay per call leads.

2. Networking & Senior Events Marketing

Networking is a phenomenal way to generate “free” final expense leads. There are so many opportunities available to network ranging from local community group events to trade shows that highlight products appealing to those who are older, health groups that focus on senior citizens, as well as events that target people near retirement age.

The most important thing to remember is that targeting and education is everything. People do not go to these events to be sold final expense insurance. Instead, they go to events like this in order to learn new things and meet new people. By positioning yourself as a resource and focusing on education and building a relationship first, you greatly improve the likelihood of generating final expense leads and referrals from these types of events.

3. Referrals

Referrals are a wonderful way to generate “free” final expense leads. Everyone knows this, it is practically jammed down your throat by any decent insurance agency in the training process.

But what most agents don't know is that 91% of customers will give referrals, but of this 91%, only 11% are actually asked for referrals by the agents. Another interesting statistic to remember is that referrals result in appointments 80% of the time. So start asking for referrals!

5 Tips For Closing More Final Expense Leads

Perhaps lead generation is not the only place your agency is struggling. There are some techniques you can use to easily close more final expense leads on a regular basis.

1. Follow-Ups Are the Key to Closing

Follow-ups really are the key to closing. In fact, with the first attempt at a close, only 25% of sales leads are ready to buy, 50% of people who request information during that first attempt won't make their purchase decision for another 3 months.

In total, only 2% of sales are actually made on that first contact, 3% are made on the second contact, 5% on the third contact, a measly 10% on the 4th contact, and 80% somewhere between the 5th and 12th contact. This means that if you want to close, you need to follow up.

2. Train Your Agents to Be Final Expense Experts

It is imperative that you train your agents to be final expense experts. The leads they are contacting whether hot, warm, or cold want information. Your agents need to be the answer to all of their questions and offer information at every turn in order to develop trust, and leads to buy.

3. Focus on Building a Relationship

It is imperative that you also focus on building a relationship with final expense leads. If you follow up as often as you should, it's natural that a relationship will start to manifest.

Seniors want to be respected first and foremost. They want information that is accurate and honest which is why your job is to focus more on building that relationship with them, being that pillar of knowledge and support for them, on standby effectively until they are ready to make their decision.

4. Put Education First

The first part of the final expense lead generation process is putting a focus on giving educating your leads, providing them with the answers that they see rather than focusing on getting the sale.

If you focus too much on closing the sale and not truly caring about the enquiries and needs of that lead, your agents will come off too pushy and will severely hamper the ability to cultivate a relationship and close a lead.

5. Upsell Existing Clients

You need to upsell existing clients. Your existing clients can work wonders for you if you let them. Make efforts to upsell them on other products that can actually help their existing situation.


Why Choose Digital Market Media?

At Digital Market Media, we have well over 10+ years of experience sourcing, calling, qualifying, and transferring warm final expense insurance leads on a pay per call basis.

Our team is highly trained, based in the United States, and only transfers the most interested and qualified leads to your agents. We often call and speak to leads 3-10 times before ever transferring them to your agents, ensuring they are educated and ready to close.

This maximizes your time, minimized CPA, and improves closing rate by 100’s of percentage points on average. On top of all this, we also offer:

  • Fast converting calls: Consumers who initiate contact have been shown to have significantly higher close rates than other forms of marketing. Plus they have been shown to close up to 300% faster than other leads generation methods.
  • 100% contact rates, guaranteed: With our inbound calls you have the ability to speak with each consumer before you incur a charge for the call.
  • Connection Duration: If the call is terminated during the Connection Duration, no charges will be processed against your account for that call.
  • Branding to your Business: Our Inbound Calls can be branded to your business, ensuring an exceptional customer experience for your prospects.
  • Your hours of operation: Calls can be delivered to your team during the hours and on the days that you choose.

Ready to Buy the Best Final Expense Leads?

If you are ready to take the next steps in learning how you can buy final expense pay per call leads for your agents, give us a call today.

We will walk you through our process, educating you on how we find our leads, qualify them, and how we integrate with your existing team.

Lastly, we are available to answer any questions you have about CPA, transfer rates, and more. For more information online, you can also check out these resources:


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