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Client Acquisition


Final Expense Pay Per Call Campaign





Lower Customer Acquisition

Increase Sales

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

by as Much as 70%!

Inbound Call Generation

The best prospects don’t fill out forms online. They call… because they’re ready to buy.

Customer acquisition studies confirm that inbound calls from pay per call campaigns are up to 15 times more likely to convert compared to traditional web leads… and they convert up to 300% faster!

Digital Market Media is the leader in pay per call marketing. Our real-time calls marketplace delivers customers who are serious enough about buying that they call. All you have to do to start a steady flow of new customers for your sales team to close… is turn on your account.


The Leader in Customer Acquisition Performance Marketing

Digital Market Media is changing how pay-per-call marketing is done – and the results are astonishing. Your sales team gets a steady stream of qualified prospects, direct from our real-time call marketplace. Your sales team will spend their time speaking with real prospects, not hunting for them!

Leads Generation

As pioneers in high quality lead generation, our focus is on helping our clients achieve the lowest cost per client acquisition possible.

Marketing Data

Aged leads are the easiest, most affordable way to fill your sales funnel. The more targeted and accurate your data is the more fruitful your leads will be, and the better your prospect pipeline will be at delivering ideal customers who are ready to buy.

When it costs you less to acquire each customer, your competitors have reason to worry. Our partnership approach and groundbreaking technology combine to help you see your sales volume skyrocket while your customer acquisition costs plummet by as much as 70%.

Digital Marketing Technology

Forget about bad leads forever! Our proprietary scalable digital marketing and delivery technology allows us to sort through every inbound call before we patch it through to you. This means more qualified inbound sales calls… guaranteed.

Inbound Sales Calls Management

Our Call Intelligence & Call Routing Platform makes mining valuable intelligence from every inbound call easy. This means you can now optimize your customer’s experience in real time across virtually any channel or device – and that means more sales.

Exclusive Leads Generation

When is the best time to get in front of your ideal prospects? When they’re actively searching for information and preparing to buy.

That’s the type of leads we provide for our clients… the kind that drives profitable revenue growth. Our flexible and scalable online lead generation and delivery system is dedicated to delivering the highest return on investment for our clients. We are dedicated to providing exceptionally high quality leads at the lowest possible acquisition cost. It’s simple: When you succeed, we succeed.

Simply put, we help you acquire customers for the lowest possible cost, and then help you dramatically scale your sales to crush your wildest projections.

Exclusive Leads Generation

Marketing Data

Marketing Data

The only data worth paying for is the kind that leads to sales.

The secret to making more sales is having better conversations with eager buyers. When you market to consumers who’ve alredy reached out to get information on the products and services you sell, your sales cycle is faster.

Close more sales and watch your cost per acquisition nosedive at the same time… all because you partnered with Digital Market Media.

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