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Top of the Line

Top of the Line

Recognized by G2 as the most comprehensive reputation management platform in the industry, we are the gold standard in reputation management.


Powered by AI

Efficiently generate and oversee reviews with our advanced yet user-friendly AI technology.


Complete Solution

Discover a single platform equipped with all the tools necessary to enhance your reputation, increase earnings, and provide outstanding customer experiences.

Reviews - Revenue Generation Campaigns
Revenue Generation Campaigns

Automate Your Review Collection

Simplify the process and maximize your review potential. Integrate our platform with your CRM to automatically send review requests to the right customers and the perfect moment, all without any extra effort.

Reviews - AI-Assisted Responses
AI-Assisted Responses

Respond with AI’s Help

Effortlessly personalize your review responses at scale with AI assistance. Generate customized, error-free replies with just one click.

Reviews - Review Monitoring
Review Monitoring

Keep Track of Reviews on 200+ Sites

Efficiently monitor your online reputation across hundreds of top review sites from a single dashboard, ensuring a pristine image wherever customers are searching.

Reviews - Review Management
Review Management

Automated Responses to Customer Reviews

Ensure every review receives attention. Utilize auto-response rules and personalized templates to reply to customer reviews effectively and at scale.

Reviews - Review Translation
Review Translation

AI-Powered Review and Response Translation

Serve multilingual customers without a translator. Our platform automatically translates reviews into English and your responses into your customer’s language.

Reviews - Review Widgets
Review Widgets

Display Reviews on Your Website

Showcase your top reviews prominently on your website. Highlight positive feedback to convert first-time visitors into loyal customers.

Reviews - Review Marketing - Main
Review Marketing

Transform Reviews into Social Media Content

Easily convert your best reviews into engaging social media posts without user-friendly templates, streamlining your content creation process.

DMM - Google Seller Rankings (1)
Google Seller Ratings

Enhance Google Ad Performance with Reviews

Incorporate your Google star rating into your search ads to build trust, increase click-through rates, and optimize your PPC spending.


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Drive Traffic

Elevate your business to the forefront of search results with an outstanding online reputation and local SEO optimization.

Connect & Convert

Engage with customers from any location, make a mark on social media, and expedite payment processes.

Raise the Bar

Craft exceptional experiences that enhance brand loyalty and distinguish you from your competitors.

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A Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform

Explore our range of products designed to scale your business.



Establish a robust online presence and elevate your search ranking.



Use AI to transform customer feedback into essential business insights.


Google Seller Ratings

Google Seller Ratings

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What is online reputation management software?

Online reputation management software, or review software, is a tool designed to strengthen your online presence and credibility using customer reviews. Effective review software enables you to request reviews from current and past customers, manage reviews across various sites, and strategically place reviews where they’ll most impact your customers.

Local listings management software, also called business listing management software, offers a centralized platform to effortlessly manage and update your business details across these online directories.

Why is online reputation management so important?

With 98% of customers reading online reviews before making a purchase, managing these reviews is crucial. An online review management platform not only builds credibility with potential customers but also enhances your SEO, helping attract more customers on Google.

What are the key capabilities of the Automatic Business Growth platform for reviews?

  • Generation and management of reviews from over 200 review sites.
  • Keep all customer communications in one inbox.
  • Easy review responses with templates and rules.
  • Amplification of reviews to your website, social media, ads, and search.
  • Tracking of reviews, NPS, response times, and more from one dashboard.

How much does this cost?

Our pricing is tailored to your business needs, based on the number of locations you operate and the solutions you need.

What reporting capabilities do I have with this platform?

We provide comprehensive insights into your reputation management efforts. Track reviews by location, region, or country, monitor response times and rates, and with Insights, analyze customer sentiment and feedback themes for continuous improvement.

Can I ask my customers to review my business?

Absolutely! Encouraging customers to share their experiences helps you leverage feedback for your brand’s benefit and build a robust online reputation. It also provides valuable insights for improving your products and services.

Can I exclude unhappy customers from my reviews?

It’s best to include all customers in review requests for an authentic representation of your business’ customer experience. A few negative reviews can actually lend credibility to your business. Excluding unhappy customers might lead to review gating issues, potentially incurring penalties from platforms like Google.

Should I offer incentives in exchange for reviews?

It’s not advisable to offer incentives for reviews. Such tactics can backfire, leading to loss of customer trust and potential penalties from platforms like Google for review gating practices.

Should I send my customers reminders to leave reviews?

Yes, but do so judiciously. With our platform, you can send a followup reminder email, customizable to ensure it’s not overly persistent.

What is the best time to respond to reviews?

Aim to respond to reviews, positive or negative, within 24 hours. Prompt responses prevent issues from escalating and demonstrate your commitment to customer feedback. Our custom templates and response rules ensure timely replies.

How should I deal with negative reviews?

Respond to negative reviews empathetically and personalize your response. If possible, address the issue and convert the review into a customer service opportunity. After resolving the issue, you can request the reviewer to reconsider their feedback.

Why should I market my reviews?

Marketing your reviews builds trust, enhances brand visibility, and attracts more customers, making it a crucial aspect of modern customer experience management.

Can I exclude negative reviews from showing up on my website?

It’s recommended to display all reviews, regardless of rating, to maintain authenticity and avoid penalties related to review gating practices.