Web Chat

Transform Web Visitors into Leads

Engage live with customers, automatically respond to queries, and capture essential contact details for follow-up via text.

Create Conversations that Drive Revenue


Engage Instantly

Chat in real-time, offer virtual consultations, and text leads individually or in bulk post-visit to maintain high engagement and conversion rates.


Effortless Lead Conversion

Automatically send all web chat leads to a unified inbox for convenient follow-up and conversion via text, social media, email, or other preferred channels.


Empower Your Teams

Leverage AI and auto-response templates to enhance your customer support and engagement efforts without additional resources.

Web Chat - Live Chat
Live Chat

Real-Time Engagement with Website Visitors

Don't delay. Instantly chat with visitors as soon as they land on your site to generate leads, schedule appointments, offer virtual consults, and more.

Web Chat - Chat Bot
Chat Bot

Efficient AI-Powered FAQ Responses

Ease your team's workload with efficient customer support powered by our AI chatbot, Robin, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

Web Chat - AI Tools
AI Tools

AI-Assisted Quality Messaging

Improve your message quality with an AI-writing assistant that crafts tailored responses or rephrases your replies for brand consistency, empathy, and uniformity.

Web Chat - Smart Inbox-min
Smart Inbox

Streamline Your Conversations

Efficiently manage all web chat conversations in one place, sorted by location, time, or conversation type.

Web Chat - Team Assignments-min
Team Assignments

Collaborative Conversation Management

Assign chats to specific teams or individuals to ensure follow-ups are handled by the right person.

Web Chat - Notifications-min

Immediate Lead Alerts

Receive instant notifications to route new business efficiently, with the Mobile App keeping you always ready to respond.

Web Chat - Response Templates-min
Response Templates

Time-Saving Pre-Written Responses

Quickly create response templates for frequently asked questions and templated requests for reviews, referrals, and more.

Web Chat - Rules-Based Auto Replies-min
Rules-Based Auto Replies

Automated Chat Engagement

Set up varied welcome messages and auto-replies for different scenarios like active, busy, or off-hours to keep visitors engaged and informed.

Web Chat - Webforms-min

Lead Generation with Webforms

Capture website leads through forms and route them directly to your Inbox for personalized follow-up.

Web Chat - Lead Capture-min
Lead Capture

Text-Based Visitor Engagement

Continue conversations via text even after a visitor leaves the chat, starting each conversation with a form that captures essential contact details.

Web Chat - Files _ Attachments-min
Files & Attachments

Efficient Resolution with Attachments

Enhance chat conversations by including attachments like invoices, receipts, screenshots, and more to quickly resolve customer queries.

Web Chat - Reporting-min

In-Depth Chat Performance Analysis

Access detailed reports on chat interactions, filterable by location or user, to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement. Integrate with Google Analytics for deeper insights.


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Connect & Convert

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Raise the Bar

Craft exceptional experiences that enhance brand loyalty and distinguish you from your competitors.

Products that Complement Web Chat

A Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform Offering Scalable Business Solutions



Engage with prospects directly from your website, social media, text, and more, all through a unified Inbox.


Mass Texting

Connect with thousands of customers simultaneously with personalized, high-converting messages.



Distribute mobile-friendly surveys to gain deeper insights and enhance the customer experience.

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What is Web Chat?

Web Chat is an interactive chat feature for your website, enabling you to engage with visitors, answer queries, book appointments, resolve issues, and more.

How can Web Chat grow my business?

Web Chat allows you to interact live with website visitors, increasing conversion rates and reducing the likelihood of them turning to competitors. It also fosters customer loyalty by providing quick solutions to queries and issues.

What are Web Chat’s features and capabilities?

Web Chat enables you to:

  • Chat live with customers.
  • Provide 24/7 responses with a chatbot.
  • Manage chats on the go with a mobile app.
  • Assign conversations to team members.
  • Monitor agent productivity and resolution times.
  • Capture contact info for follow-up texts after site visits.

Can I customize Web Chat?

Yes, Web Chat is fully customizable. Tailor it with your logo, names, photos, colors, chat icons, greetings, and more. It's adaptable for businesses with multiple brands or locations, allowing unique customization for each.

Will Web Chat slow my website down?

No, Web Chat is designed to be lightweight and fast-loading, ensuring it doesn't impact your website's speed or performance. It activates after your webpage loads or when a visitor initiates a chat.

What is the Smart Inbox feature in Web Chat?

The Smart Inbox allows you to organize incoming messages by location and date, streamlining the management and response process for customer interactions.

How do response templates and rules-based auto replies work in Web Chat?

We offer a variety of message templates and auto-replies to keep visitors engaged and ensure Webchat aligns with your business hours. Customize templates for different scenarios, including during and outside business hours, and for when live chat is enabled or disabled.

What is the AI Chatbot, and how does it enhance customer support?

Our AI Chatbot provides 24/7 engagement with website visitors. It automatically answers common questions and directs complex queries to live agents, ensuring continuous support and no missed messages.

How does Web Chat integrate with Messaging?

Web Chat messages are consolidated into the Inbox along with communications from other channels. This integration allows for seamless management of customer interactions and the ability to text leads post-website visit.