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Efficiently gather feedback, analyze responses, and enhance revenue with user-friendly, scalable surveys.

Modern Survey Solutions for Today's Businesses

Measure, Analyze, and Act on Customer Feedback

Surveys made simple

Surveys Made Simple

Design and dispatch surveys that encourage genuine responses. Simplify the feedback process for your customers.



AI-Driven Insights

Leverage AI technology to interpret feedback and uncover ways to enhance customer experiences.

comprehensive solution

Comprehensive Solution

Automate survey distribution and swiftly act on feedback to address issues, bolster reputation, and drive revenue growth.

Surveys - SURVEY BUILDER-min
Survey Builder

Effortlessly Craft Surveys

Create, test, and refine surveys with just a few clicks. No coding or special expertise needed.

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Pulse Surveys

Boost Engagement with Text Surveys

Employ text-based surveys to increase open rates and receive prompt responses.

Survey Campaigns

Automated Survey Distribution

Efficiently reach your audience anytime, anywhere. Our automated campaigns ensure you receive the feedback you need with minimal effort.

Issue Resolution

Immediate Action on Feedback

Utilize survey data to promptly address concerns of dissatisfied customers or to seek referrals from your most satisfied clients

Surveys - ANALYSIS-min

Data-Driven Business Growth

Apply AI for concise survey summaries and in-depth analysis of response data. Discover customer preferences and areas for improvement.


BizBooster AI

The Comprehensive Platform for Boosting Customer Acquisition and Retention

Drive Traffic

Elevate your business to the forefront of search results with an outstanding online reputation and local SEO optimization.

Connect & Convert

Engage with customers from any location, make a mark on social media, and expedite payment processes.

Raise the Bar

Craft exceptional experiences that enhance brand loyalty and distinguish you from your competitors.

Products Complementing Surveys

Explore a Range of Products that Enhance Your Business Growth



Automatically generate and elevate reviews to significantly impact your business presence.



Boost sales with referrals from satisfied customers.



Quickly address negative survey feedback with an efficient ticketing system.

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What do survey tools do?

A surveys tool allows marketers to easily create and customize various surveys with different question types like multiple-choice, ratings, and matrices. It facilitates distribution across multiple channels to gather responses from prospects, customers, and employees.

What’s so great about your Surveys tool?

Surveys is the most comprehensive tool available. It enables you to:

  • Build, automate, distribute, and track detailed surveys.
  • Utilize diverse question formats including multiple-choice, NPS, matrix ranking, and more.
  • Automatically trigger survey requests post-purchase or appointment.
  • Distribute surveys via high-response channels like text and social messaging.
  • Analyze results with AI-powered insights for each response.
  • Include a review request at the end of each survey to enhance your brand rating.

How can surveys help me grow my business?

Surveys are vital for gathering crucial information from your target market to inform business strategies, enhance products or services, and improve customer experiences. They help identify your business strengths and areas needing improvement. Surveys are used for:

  • Gathering market feedback on your brand.
  • Understanding and monitoring customer satisfaction levels.
  • Gaining valuable market insights.
  • Collecting detailed customer profile information.
  • Receiving consumer feedback on products or services.

Where can I publish surveys?

Distribute Surveys via text, email, social media messaging, or webchat. Embed them on your website for easy access by visitors.

Can your Surveys tool integrate with APIs?

Yes, seamlessly connect your existing systems with 's 3,000+ integrations for instant survey distribution to the right customers.

What kind of reporting and analytics does Surveys provide?

Gain in-depth business insights from our AI-based engine. Our analytics provide various stats, filterable by channel, location, response date, and more, including:

  • Survey receipt and response rates.
  • Response trends over time for customer experience and satisfaction analysis.
  • Open text question analysis by keyword and count.
  • Data visualization in charts or tables with response counts and percentages.

Does Surveys comply with HIPAA regulations?

Yes, Surveys ensures end-to-end encryption to safeguard customer responses. [Click here for the HIPAA Agreement.]