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Effortlessly create, update, and manage listings for all your locations from a single platform, enhancing your SEO and boosting your search ranking.

Boost Your Visibility and Get More Customers

Top-Tier Quality

Top-Tier Quality

Craft compelling and comprehensive business listings across Google, Facebook, and over 60 other sites.

Simplicity at its Best

Simplicity at Its Best

Conveniently update all your listings and communicate with customers effortlessly with just one click, all from a unified dashboard.

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

Access a suite of tools in one integrated platform, designed to enhance your reputation, increase revenue, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Business Listings
Business Listings

Ensure Visibility Across All Search Platforms

Efficiently create and maintain precise business listings, establishing a strong online presence across a multitude of sites and online directories.

Listings Scan Too Newl
Listings Scan Tool

Discover Inaccuracies in Your Online Presence

See whether your business listings are accurate on key platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and over 50 other sites crucial to your customers and search engines.

Listings Management Tool
Listings Management Tool

Centralize Your Listing Details Management

Seamlessly oversee, modify, and share essential business information such as address, operating hours, and services, all from one comprehensive dashboard.

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Enhance Your Presence on Google

Create precise and appealing Google Business Profiles for each of your locations. Showcase your reviews and captivate visitors with timely offers and news through Google Posts.

Auto-Generated Business Descriptions
Auto-Generated Business Descriptions

Leverage AI for SEO-Optimized Descriptions

Boost your SEO ranking and draw in more customers with business descriptions crafted by AI, specially designed to align with Google’s algorithm.

Local Listings Analytics
Local Listings Analytics

Monitor and Enhance Your Online Impact

Utilize a comprehensive suite of reports offering vital insights into your listing’s performance, including site traffic, call volume, and keyword ranking. Quickly identify and address any issues as they arise.


BizBooster AI

The Comprehensive Platform for Boosting Customer Acquisition and Retention

Drive Traffic

Elevate your business to the forefront of search results with an outstanding online reputation and local SEO optimization.

Connect & Convert

Engage with customers from any location, make a mark on social media, and expedite payment processes.

Raise the Bar

Craft exceptional experiences that enhance brand loyalty and distinguish you from your competitors.

Make Your Listings Even More Powerful

We are the sole all-encompassing platform offering a variety of products that grow with your business.



Create, oversee, and handle reviews on over 200 sites.



Efficiently manage posts, reputation, and analytics across various locations and accounts.



Use AI to transform customer feedback into essential business insights.

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What are local listings and local listings management software?

Your business information, like store hours, phone numbers, addresses, menus, and more, is featured on hundreds of online directories. These directories play a crucial role in enhancing your online visibility and making it easier for potential customers to find and contact you.

Local listings management software, also called business listing management software, offers a centralized platform to effortlessly manage and update your business details across these online directories.

Why is managing my listings so important?

Ensuring your business information is accurate, current, and consistent across all platforms where customers might search for you is vital. It’s key to being found online, boosting your online visibility, and avoiding customer service problems that can arise from outdated or incorrect details about your business hours and services. Additionally, listings management software significantly enhances your local SEO, further increasing the likelihood of being discovered by potential customers.

What happens if I don’t keep my listings up to date?

Inaccurate listings, like wrong business names, addresses, or phone numbers on major directories such as Google, Facebook, or Bing, lead to poor customer experiences. Potential customers face frustration when trying to reach you, negatively impacting your local SEO, lowering your Google rank, and potentially driving business to your competitors.

What does local listings software do?

Manually managing your business profile across hundreds of sites is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, especially if you’re handling multiple locations. Theto BizBooster AI listings management software simplifies this process, ensuring your business information is consistent and current across all sites and locations, helping you attract more customers. It also allows for quick updates across directories, vital for changes in business hours or services.

What can the BizBooster AI platform do for my listings?

  • Scan major online directories for inaccuracies.
  • Create complete and appealing listings from a single dashboard.
  • Update and publish key business information like address, hours, and services centrally.
  • Receive real-time reports and insights on lead engagement and traffic.
  • Engage and convert leads with Google Messaging.

What listing details can I update?

Our platform allows you to update over 60 fields to improve your Google ranking and appeal to customers. From one dashboard, manage business hours, photos, videos, keywords, services, appointment links, social profiles, and more.

How can I measure what impact the BizBooster AI has on my listings?

Track the effectiveness of your business listings by monitoring profile views and impressions, inbound interest through calls or website visits, and messages from platforms like Google and Facebook. We provide these analytics, making it easy to optimize and report your listings’ performance.

What’s the difference between a business directory and a data aggregator?

Data aggregators like Foursquare distribute your information to various business directories. However, they can’t cover all the sites important for your business. Listings management software bridges this gap by supporting both aggregators and individual directories, expanding your reach.

How many sites can I use BizBooster AI to manage my business listings on?

Our proprietary software ensures your business information is accurate on over 100 sites, including Google, Facebook, Bing, Nextdoor, Healthgrades, Avvo, and TripAdvisor.

Can I update all of my business listings at the same time?

Yes! With our system, you can update your business details across over 100 sites simultaneously from a centralized profile. Changes are reflected in real-time on major sites like Google, Facebook, and Bing, and within 3-5 days on others.

Can the BizBooster AI platform improve my search engine ranking?

Our platform positively impacts your search engine ranking. Google’s local SEO algorithm heavily weighs your Google Business Profile, listings, and reviews, which we efficiently manage, helping you excel in local SEO and achieve higher rankings.