Social Media Software

AI-Powered Social Media Management 

Efficiently generate social media posts, track engagement, and manage accounts across multiple locations from one dashboard.

Easy Social Media Management for Every Location

tailored for local businesses

Tailored for Local Businesses

Easily create and publish personalized social media content for various locations.

all in one

All-in-One Platform

Publish, interact, and analyze on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and Google from a single place.



Utilize AI to develop and refine captivating social media posts and visuals.

Social - Manage Social Media-min

Manage Social Media Across Locations and Networks

Handling social media for multiple locations is challenging with standard tools. Social is unique, offering a centralized platform for all social profiles across different locations and networks, streamlining publishing, engagement, and reporting.

Social - Social Publishing-min
Social Publishing

AI-Driven Targeted Content Creation

Social's AI-powered content generator helps you effortlessly craft industry-specific, engaging posts, complete with contextually relevant image suggestions.

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Social Engagement

Real-Time Interaction Monitoring

Stay connected with your audience in real time, responding to comments and driving brand conversations from a unified inbox.

Social - Social Reporting-min
Social Reporting

Performance Analysis by Location

Evaluate top-performing content, reach, engagement, and audience growth by location or region, gaining insights to refine your social strategy.


BizBooster AI

The Comprehensive Platform for Boosting Customer Acquisition and Retention

Drive Traffic

Elevate your business to the forefront of search results with an outstanding online reputation and local SEO optimization.

Connect & Convert

Engage with customers from any location, make a mark on social media, and expedite payment processes.

Raise the Bar

Craft exceptional experiences that enhance brand loyalty and distinguish you from your competitors.

Powerful Alone, Exceptional Together

Our platform eliminates the need for multiple solutions for reputation management, consumer engagement, and customer experience. Explore other products that complement Social.



Automatically generate and amplify reviews where they matter most.



Connect with customers across digital channels from one simple inbox.



Transform social comments into actionable insights.

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How much does this cost?

Our pricing is tailored to your business needs, based on the number of locations you operate and the solutions you need. Request a price quote here.

Does Social work on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, Social supports both platforms, allowing you to create, publish, and schedule posts, including Instagram Stories, Reels, and bio links.

How does AI work here?

Our AI and NLP engine offers tools for local businesses to optimize customer feedback management, enhance interactions, increase productivity, and drive better outcomes.

Do I have to pay more for AI features in Social?

No, the AI is included at no extra cost.

Why are social media management tools important?

They are crucial for managing social reputation. After search engines, social channels are a key source of brand research.

What is the best tool to schedule social media posts?

Social stands out as part of the leading all-in-one online reputation and customer experience platform.

How can social media promote local business?

Social media allows local businesses to offer quick, convenient experiences, respond to queries and reviews, and build a strong online reputation.

Why is social media marketing important for local business?

It enables local businesses to connect with customers, engage new leads, and share their brand on popular channels.