Business Messaging Software

AI-Enhanced Customer Messaging for Local Businesses

Communicate with customers via text, social media, webchat, and email, and collaborate with your team, all through a unified inbox.

Business Messaging Software

Seamless Connection Across Digital Channels


Effortless Interaction

Engage with customers on their preferred platforms and view all conversations in one place for a comprehensive interaction overview.


AI-Enhanced Efficiency

Boost productivity with AI tools that enable quicker and more effective responses.

all in one2

All-in-One Communication

Handle conversations and customer experiences from the same inbox used for managing reviews and referrals.

Business Messaging

Engage Customers on Digital Platforms

Move beyond phone calls to dynamic conversations. Operate your business on high-converting digital channels and utilize our AI Chatbot for customer responses, even when you're not available.

Messaging - UNIFIED INBOX-min
Unified Inbox

Centralized Message Management

Organize messages by customer and channel, add notes, flag important conversations, and use AI to refine your responses and quickly recap conversations.

Customer Management Software

Engage Customers at Every Touchpoint

Facilitate payments, send appointment reminders, and manage review, referral, and survey requests, all through a single platform.

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Mobile App

Stay Connected Anywhere

Our mobile app ensures you're always connected, allowing timely engagement with customers with just a few taps.

Integrations and Automations

Maximize Efficiency

Connect with over 3,000 integrations to import contacts effortlessly, synchronize data automatically, and send trigger-based messages like welcome offers and review requests.


BizBooster AI

The Comprehensive Platform for Boosting Customer Acquisition and Retention

Drive Traffic

Elevate your business to the forefront of search results with an outstanding online reputation and local SEO optimization.

Connect & Convert

Engage with customers from any location, make a mark on social media, and expedite payment processes.

Raise the Bar

Craft exceptional experiences that enhance brand loyalty and distinguish you from your competitors.

Complementary Products for Messaging

As a complete customer experience platform, we offer a variety of scalable solutions to enhance your business.


Mass Texting

Connect with thousands of customers effectively through personalized, high-impact text messages.



Automatically generate and elevate reviews to significantly impact your business presence.


Web Chat

Instantly engage with site visitors to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

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What is Messaging?

Messaging is an instant messaging platform designed for seamless customer connection. It allows you to communicate with customers anytime, anywhere, on their preferred channel. Manage interactions over text, Google Messaging, Facebook, Instagram, email, voicemail, and more from a single, integrated inbox. 

How will Messaging help me grow my business?

Engaging in convenient, real-time, one-on-one conversations with your customers enables you to:

  • Schedule and confirm appointments.
  • Answer customer inquiries.
  • Promote events and special offers.
  • Announce new products or services.
  • Send and receive timely updates.

What can Messaging do?

With Messaging, you can:

  • Message customers via text, Webchat, and social media from one inbox.
  • Efficiently track and manage customer information and interactions.
  • Use templates for consistent communication.
  • Assign conversations to specific team members or locations.
  • Receive notifications for new customer messages.
  • Monitor conversation trends and average response times.

Can I manage customer services with Messaging?

Yes! Manage all types of customer messages from one inbox:

  • Respond to Webchat, text, Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, email, and voicemail messages.
  • Send text review and referral requests.
  • Distribute text message surveys for instant feedback.
  • Schedule mass text messages to boost sales.

Does Messaging provide reports?

Yes! Track agent productivity and response times to enhance customer experiences. Our reports provide insights into median response times, conversation volumes, and total messages received, filterable by location, users, or date/time.

How secure is my data with Messaging?

Completely secure. We ensure end-to-end encryption for all messages, maintaining the security of your business information. Our data is stored on a secure AWS cloud platform, compliant with standards like HIPAA for sensitive information protection.

Why is using Google Messages a good idea?

Activating Google Messages allows customers to instantly message you when they find your business on Google Search, maximizing your online reputation and generating a consistent flow of leads.

What does a business messaging service do?

A business messaging service consolidates messages from various touch points like text, email, webchat, website forms, and social media into one platform. This centralization helps businesses track all incoming messages efficiently, ensuring prompt responses to all leads and potential business opportunities.

What’s the best instant messaging app for businesses like mine?

Messaging is the most comprehensive instant messaging app for businesses, offering:

  • Integration of multiple messaging channels into one Inbox.
  • Proactive engagement with customers through texts, video chat, and email.
  • An auto-receptionist for call management and voicemail transcription.
  • Organized messaging by channel, location, and other criteria for easy management.

How do other businesses use text messages?

Businesses utilize mass text messaging for marketing, sales, customer service, and notifications. Common uses include:

  • Follow-ups and treatment bookings post-consultations.
  • Promotions, special offers, and free trials.
  • Event invites for memberships, webinars, and social gatherings.
  • Announcements of new openings, products, or services.
  • Updates on services and maintenance.
  • Communication with large teams or agents.
  • Retargeting customers to encourage purchases.