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Have Them at Hello: How the Best Call Centers Crush Sales Projections

Discover How to Get All the Calls, Clicks, and Leads Your Call Center Can Handle

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Ready to scale your offer, but worried about how you’ll make the numbers work in today’s highly regulated telemarketing world? In theory, it’s easy to get prospects on the phone so your sales team can close the deal. In practice, it’s anything but easy.

Building and testing a sales funnel is a gamble that might pay off – or might as easily leave you with nothing to show for your investment. Throw in compliance, lead quality, and cost per acquisition challenges, and it’s no wonder the idea of working with a performance marketing partner is an appealing alternative.

Do NOT Buy Leads for Your Business… Yet
Getting a high ROI when you buy leads isn’t as simple as placing an order and waiting for the phone to ring. You’ve got some homework to do first to make sure not a single dollar goes to waste. In the book “Have Them at Hello: How the Best Call Centers Crush Sales Projections,” you’ll discover:

• Exactly how to prepare your call center before the phone rings
• How to keep your company safe in a world where non-compliant calls are met with astronomically high fines
• What it takes to make sure your sales team only talks with consumers who’ll be ideal customers
• Which numbers REALLY matter as you track your metrics
• How to choose a call and lead generation partner who’s got a vested interest in making sure you win every single time

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Goliath Is Falling! Beating Big Business Online

Are the Big Boys Taking All Your New Customers? What If You Could Compete Against Them, and Win?

1550681909In a world where there are countless marketing opportunities, it should be a cinch to generate new business. Yes, it can be easy to attract new customers, ring up more sales, and establish long-time profitable relationships with those new clients. The first step is to figure out what is the best marketing campaign your business needs.

Enter into that with no plan, and you’ll be plunged into a very confusing world. You can find yourself up to your eyeballs with all the marketing strategies being offered.

  • Do you have the time to wade through all that information?
  • Do you have time to do the research to find out what is best for you and your business?
  • Can you afford the time wasted if the marketing plan you choose falls flat?

Does part of you wish you could just close your eyes and make a wish for the perfect marketing plan, and that it would magically appear? Sometimes wishes do come true.

Tom Carolan is here to grant your wish with his marketing guide, “Goliath is Falling”. An expert in online marketing, Tom is the winner of several prestigious awards, including the “Best Leads Quality in America” award from the LeadsCouncil, and was nominated for “The Best Small Business of the Year Award” from the Prince of Wales Business Trust. Before you spend another dollar on marketing, sit down and read this book. Let Tom Carolan show you the route to take to generate new business, attract customers, make your webpage a sought after and easily found site and make your business more profitable. With his guidance you’ll be ready to take on the giants!

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