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Pay Per Call Marketing Strategy: Making Your Phone Ring

How Do We Generate Inbound Calls?


Pay Per Call Marketing is all about showing up where your ideal prospects are searching, at the exact moment they’re looking for the products and services you sell. We make calling you the easy, obvious next step toward the solution your customers want.

We place our click-to-call technology and phone numbers on relevant high-traffic mobile optimized sites, so we catch your new customers at the precise moment they’re most likely to take action.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Make Your Phone Ring

Inbound Marketing Strategy 2
Better Data Drives Better Engagement


Your time and resources are too limited and valuable to waste wading through bad leads. That’s where our technology really shines. Each call is placed through a series of pre-defined qualifying questions to ensure that you receive inbound calls from consumers that are interested in your services.

Callers are guided through a series of qualifying questions, and within 10-20 seconds, are matched with one of our clients. Our qualifying process confirms the caller commercial intent before we transfer the call to your team.

The caller’s experience is seamless. They dial, they make selections, and then they reach someone who can help them get what they need.


We’re so serious about providing ONLY great calls that we’ve invested heavily in the same ahead of the curve technology the FBI and FCC use. No more fax machines, recorded messages, or robocalls – and you are never billed for calls that we block or that fail our call scrubber’s challenge.

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Get Actionable Insight into Every Conversation

Using our proprietary technology, we put the power of listening in your hands. Armed with the knowledge of what your prospects are actually saying on inbound calls when they go looking for the products and services you sell makes it easy to measure how well you’re meeting their needs. Sure beats guessing.

Get to know your customers better, and you’ll make more sales. Better insight makes measuring your marketing performance easy – and that makes improving your performance a snap.

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Get Actionable Insight into Every Conversation

Close More Sales

Gather and analyze the data that springs from inbound calls from your prospects, and you’ll increase your closing rate with your ideal customers. It’s all about insight. That’s how you anticipate and pave the customer’s path so buying becomes the next logical step for them.

Find out how to put Digital Market Media’s inbound call generation system to work for your business.

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