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When your people talk to our people, all the people win.

You have an audience. Your audience has needs. Our clients meet those needs. We’d like to pay you to help put our clients in front of your audience so everyone wins.

When people start getting serious about finding solutions for their needs, they reach a point of decision. That’s where our Publisher Partner Network comes into play.

It’s simple.

When you are approved as a Publisher Partner, we will provide you with dedicated phone numbers which you can publish on your website, in your click to call campaigns in your social media, in your email messages, or wherever you connect with your audience.

When your people call our people, you move closer to being paid. Our high-tech software screens each call to ensure we only pass legitimate leads calls through to our clients. Every time you send a legitimate lead call to our inbound call platform, you make money.

Complete transparency – that’s how we operate.

As one of our Publisher Partner Network members, you’ll get your own dashboard on our system. Once you log in, you can see important statistics about the calls you send our way. All calls are recorded, plus our call tracking system notes which calls were dropped, which ones resulted in conversations with our clients, and how long the calls lasted.

How much could you earn for connecting your people with our people?

Compensation depends on multiple factors including your audience and your traffic sources. We will customize an arrangement with you that makes sense for everyone.

The Publisher Partner Network is an excellent way to leverage your audience to earn a substantial regular income. You help your people get the solutions they need, we reward you. It’s that simple.

Interested? Let’s have a conversation to see whether our Publisher Partner Network is a fit for you.

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