Written By
Susan Anderson
Tax Settlement Leads / January 31, 2019

Tax Settlement Pay Per Call Leads

Written By
Susan Anderson
Tax Settlement Pay Per Call Leads

All the Tax Settlement Pay Per Call Leads You Can Handle

Why is now the time to start buying tax settlement leads? Because the Tax Man cometh, and he’s relentless about collecting his due.

All throughout tax season, a huge number of taxpayers will hear the kind of really bad news that’ll keep them up worrying for weeks. They’re not headed to Disney with a big, fat refund check. They owe. A lot.

They’ll panic. They might cry on their tax preparer’s shoulder. They might even complain to their friends.

Some of those friends will commiserate. Some will offer horrible advice. Still others will say something like, “I heard that sometimes the IRS will take less than you owe. It’s called a tax settlement. There are people out there who can help you.”

That’s when they’ll go looking for you - and that’s when you’ll be glad you decided to buy those IRS tax leads. By working with a tax leads provider who can send you all the inbound calls you can handle, you can speak with people who are searching for help making an Offer in Compromise with the IRS to get out from under a financial burden that’s got them feeling helpless and hopeless.

Get Tax Debt Pay Per Call Leads Even Before April 15th

Lots of taxpayers visit their tax preparer or accountant as soon as their W-2s or 1099s are available. They don’t want to wait until the last minute or go on extension, even if they suspect the news they get won’t be good.

After the initial terror wears off, they start looking for solutions. Take a loan out? Flee the country? Get a second job? None of the commonly-consider options seems particularly feasible. But how on earth are they going to come up with enough money to satisfy their debt, keep out of jail, and avoid having their belongings confiscated?

Tax Resolution Leads Are Ready to Take Action

Tax Debt LeadsIt might take a few days after hearing the bad news, but once taxpayers who owe the IRS sizeable sums regather their composure, they’re ready for solutions. Where will they turn? The Internet, of course.

That’s where they’ll find page after page of Google results showing the websites of companies offering tax debt settlement services. Some of these businesses are great - others are poorly disguised scams hoping these poor people will be desperate enough to pay them… then they disappear.

No wonder people are so skeptical! It takes courage for them to reach out for help, and it’s not uncommon for call centers to have to do a whole lot of sifting through prospects to find the ones who qualify for their services. But when they do, they find that there may be no one readier to take action than someone who wants to get IRS off their back. These tax relief leads are ready to make a decision today.

How Do IRS Tax Debt Pay Per Call Leads Work?

We make it really easy for you to buy pay per call leads that convert into paying customers. First, we build and run online campaigns to get your offer in front of taxpayers who’ve just gotten the bad news about their tax debt. This makes it easy for them to find help when they go looking for it.

Taxpayers with debt will call into a tax settlement help line. There, with the prompting of our friendly Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, they’ll self-sort into those who have $10,000 or more in tax debt and those who owe less than $10,000. We offer those two options because some tax settlement companies specialize in helping taxpayers with different debt loads. This way, you’ll get tax resolution leads you know fit your specifications rather than having to answer a million calls from taxpayers you can’t help.

Next thing you know, your phone is ringing. We transfer any qualified calls that come in for you, and all you have to do is talk with them. In fact, the first minute or so that you have them on the line, you have the opportunity to confirm that they qualify for your help. If they don’t qualify, you don’t pay. We’re known for having exceptionally generous duration times because we’re that dedicated to making sure you get maximum value from the IRS leads you buy from us.

Something powerful happens when a taxpayer who’s got IRS debt picks up the phone. What we’ve seen is that when they do, they convert about 300% faster than they might if they came to you through any other marketing tactic. That’s the power of getting them on the phone.

Tax Debt Leads

Why 2019 Is Your Year for IRS Tax Leads?

To say that the tax code has undergone some radical changes would be an understatement. Even people who’ve prepared their own taxes for years are going to find themselves sitting across the desk from a pro this year, just so they don’t accidentally file incorrectly.

Because so few taxpayers understand the changes in tax law, many are not prepared for the number they’re going to see at the bottom of their returns. For some who are used to getting a refund every year, this will be the first time they owe the IRS. For others who find themselves owing year after year, the new bill will bring their tax debt total to a level that they can never pay off.

When they start looking into tax debt solutions, they’ll probably end up on the IRS’ webpage discussing Offer in Compromise. Maybe they’ll even start completing the request form there.

How far do you think they’ll get before they give up, the system times out, or they run into questions they don’t know how to answer? Not very far! By buying tax debt leads, you can ensure they get the help they need, from someone who’s got their best interests at heart.

Here’s What to Expect from IRS Settlement Leads from Digital Market Media

Before your phone even starts ringing, we can help you set yourself up for success. After all, there’s no point in buying calls before you’re ready to get the highest return on your investment. You may have bought IRS debt calls elsewhere in the past, but here’s how we do it:

  • You ONLY pay for qualified calls. We guarantee it. Your team always gets to speak with taxpayers who call in to verify that they’re qualified.

  • You ALWAYS get the final say on whether your callers are qualified. Ask us about the duration period allotted for tax settlement lead calls. During that duration period, if you think the caller is not a fit, you don’t pay.

  • Your new customers ALWAYS feel heard, cared for, and safe. Tax debt is a sensitive matter and your prospects do not want to talk with someone overseas or unprofessional about this personal problem. That’s why we never, ever work with off-shore call centers.

  • Your customers ALWAYS enjoy a seamless experience. They call, they self-select, and before they know it, they’re getting the help they need. The better their experience with you, the more likely they are to send you referrals.

  • You NEVER have to worry about calls coming in when you’re not ready to take them. Let us know which days and times you’d like us to send you calls, and that’s exactly what will happen.

  • You NEVER get more calls than you can handle. We never want to overwhelm our clients with too many calls. Again, just tell us how many you’d like, and we’ll cap it there.

Get Your Tax Debt Leads Today

Tax Debt LeadsWe’ll start with a free consultation so we can send you exactly the kind of calls you want, when you want them, and in quantities you can handle. Once the details of that plan are dialed in, we’ll get your phone ringing so you can help taxpayers get out from under what may be the worst financial disaster they’ve ever faced.

All you have to do is click or call 888-432-1819 Ext. 705 to get started now.


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