Who We Are

We aim to be the absolute  BEST inbound call generation company  out there, getting as much new business for our clients as they can handle – at the lowest possible cost.

Being the best isn’t an outrageously optimistic dream… we’ve done it before. Everything that we do is top quality, including our choice of team members and technology. When it comes to our proprietary inbound call platform, quite simply, there is nothing better.


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Our vision is simple: To be recognized as the highest-quality lead provider in our industry, helping our clients compete and win in the marketplace by making it easy to get all the calls, clicks, and leads they can handle - at a cost that makes sense.



Our team commits itself daily to partnering with clients on our shared journey of excellence. Do it, measure it, then do it again even better. This constant process of testing, tweaking, and improving our performance is how we outperform every other inbound marketing company out there.
Our success depends on yours.

Our Team

Tom Carolan

From an early start in construction and property management to building a track record as CEO of leads generation and marketing companies, Tom’s performance has garnered industry awards, and even more importantly, astounding results for his clients.

Co-author of Have Them at Hello: How the Best Call Centers Crush Sales Projections and author of Goliath Is Falling! Beating Big Business Online, Tom’s superpower is crafting fast-growth strategies that boost profits while shrinking acquisition costs. He can point to a history of generating in excess of $200 million in sales since 2010 and helping clients realize revenue growth of 50% - 150% and increased profits of 67% - 186 % within 12 – 18 months.


Mark Coudray
Director - Business Strategy

Recognized international business optimization strategist, Mark’s passion is developing better processes and implementing them so others can reach their full potential on the journey to excellence. Mark’s experience spans the insurance, home services, retail, entertainment, medical, call center, education, and industrial sectors, helping them improve their competitive position and profitability.

Kyle Andersson -Marketing Operations Manager
Kyle Andersson
Marketing Operations Manager

Kyle started with DMM during his last semester at California Polytechnic State University, SLO, where he studies Marketing and Data Analytics. Kyle is a creative yet analytical mind, which allows him to be a dynamic and impactful leader in the Marketing Operations role. Kyle's goal at DMM is to continue building an extensive lead generation portfolio, supplying the highest quality leads to our clients. Kyle will also be a key driver in DMM's new virtual call center, as well as overseeing all interdepartmental marketing operations.

Eric Clark-Director - Digital Marketing
Eric Clark
Director - Digital Marketing

Eric's expertise includes online marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, mobile, video, digital content, eCRM initiatives, online app development, reputation management and digital campaigns. His experience is even farther reaching, including Google Ads (AdWords), Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Video & Mobile, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Online Brand Management, Site Development, Advanced Targeting (Behavioral, Contextual and Retargeting) Rich Media Creative Development and Analytics/ROI Optimization.

Dawn Carolan
Director - Operations

Detail-oriented, driven, and meticulous, Dawn is an award-winning executive with nearly two decades’ experience in building and running successful businesses. Dawn’s done it all, from sales and service to management and marketing. Her strong work ethic and enthusiasm are the driving force keeping operations at Digital Market Media running smoothly.

Angela Byrne
Network Director

Angela’s passion in her role as Network Director can be traced back to years of experience in sales and advisory roles within education publishing. She became an expert in her field over the 17 years within Education and built up a strong network of clients that looked to her for her expertise and commitment to achieve their goals. Her goal in working with Digital Market Media is to build strong partnerships with clients and publishers alike, offering the best experience for both, she does this from her location in Ireland, where she is exploring the European market whilst maintaining her responsibilities in the US.

Cody Marchant

Cody is a Content Marketing expert that has worked in some of the most competitive industries online, and builds brands and website traffic through high quality content creation. Cody’s goal is to help DMM become the leading brand for Pay Per Call leads online, and connect with clients through storytelling and answering the pressing questions customers have. Cody’s vast experience has come primarily in the life insurance and finance industries.

Kapil Bamba
Director - Web & Technology

Kapil Bamba has a record of working with Corporates, fast paced IT and e-commerce companies in multi-location, multi-state, and international environments highlighting his abilities to interact with customers, market and teams, even remotely.

Kapil is a Software Engineer by education and certified in Sun-Java and various Microsoft Technologies. A team of qualified, hardworking professionals and talented designers and software programmers assist him. He has been actively involved in various online forums and has helped many programmers and students with his analytical abilities.