Written By
Susan Anderson
Business Development / January 16, 2024

8 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty for Home Services Companies

Written By
Susan Anderson
8 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty for Home Services Companies

Earning Customer Loyalty in 2024

The Shift in Customer Loyalty Trends This Year

As 2024 unfolds, we're witnessing a definitive shift in loyalty trends that reflect evolving customer expectations and technological advances. Consumers no longer see loyalty as just transactional. They value experiences, personal connections, and brands that stand for something more than their products or services. They're looking for personalization, responsiveness, and shared values. 

To stay ahead, companies must adapt their strategies to these new loyalty paradigms, emphasizing trust and long-term engagement. Smart companies work to build business customer loyalty rather than focusing only on customer acquisition.

Check this stat from Zippia out:

Boosting customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25-95%.

Of course, we have to think about repeat business differently from how a dentist, insurance company, or restaurant would. For example, customers who buy a roof from you this year probably won’t buy another roof for 30 years. Each home services company has high-ticket offerings like that, but the smart ones also have products and services that generate recurring revenue or at least, repeat purchases.


Repeat Purchases for Home Services Businesses

Here are some ways our clients now make recurring income because we helped them increase customer loyalty purchases:


  • Roof Inspection: Annual or bi-annual inspections to check for damage or wear.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Regular cleaning to prevent blockages and damage.
  • Roof Maintenance: Minor repairs, such as replacing shingles or fixing leaks.


  • Panel Cleaning: Regular cleaning to maintain efficiency.
  • System Inspections: Regular inspections to ensure all components are functioning properly.
  • Battery Maintenance: For systems with battery storage, periodic checks and maintenance are needed.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning):

  • Regular Servicing: Bi-annual servicing to prepare the system for summer/winter.
  • Filter Replacement: Frequent filter changes to maintain air quality and system efficiency.
  • Duct Cleaning: Periodic cleaning of air ducts to improve air quality and system efficiency.


  • Safety Inspections: Periodic inspections to ensure electrical systems meet current safety standards.
  • Lighting Maintenance: Replacement and upgrading of lighting fixtures.
  • Generator Maintenance: For homes with backup generators, regular maintenance is essential.


  • Paint and Touch-ups: Regular painting or touch-up services to keep the home looking fresh.
  • Flooring Maintenance: Services like cleaning, polishing, or refinishing for different types of flooring.
  • Window and Door Maintenance: Regular maintenance to ensure they are in good working condition.


  • Drain Cleaning: Regular cleaning to prevent clogs and backups.
  • Leak Checks: Periodic checks to prevent water damage.
  • Water Heater Maintenance: Regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and longevity.

But before you count all that recurring revenue, STOP. There’s one thing you absolutely must have for this profitable repeat business model to work. You need a system to help you increase customer loyalty.


Leaving A Sticker On Your Homeowner’s Equipment Isn’t Enough

You think about your customers a lot more often than they think about you. In fact, they might not even remember your company’s name. 

That’s more than a knock to the ego. It means a knock to your bank account. That’s because if you aren’t actively working to increase customer loyalty, you are passively letting your best customers forget your name. And when they do, and someone asks them for a referral, they won’t have your company on the tip of their tongues. 

But that’s a problem that’s easy to fix.

If you implement a customer loyalty program, your best customers will actively help spread the word about your excellent service. 

8 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty (on Autopilot)


#1: Manage Your Reviews

Amplify customer loyalty through stellar review management. Efficient review management, where businesses promptly and thoughtfully respond to customer feedback, demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. This responsiveness builds trust and shows customers they are valued, which in turn enhances their loyalty to the brand.

BizBooster AI revolutionizes how businesses handle online reviews. By promptly addressing customer feedback, it demonstrates a genuine concern for customer opinions. This attentiveness not only resolves issues quickly but also shows customers that their voice matters, fostering a deep sense of loyalty and trust.

Scan your business now to see how you're doing for reviews.


#2: Survey Your Customers

Transform customer insights into unwavering loyalty. Customer surveys solicit direct feedback, allowing businesses to understand and address specific customer needs and preferences. This process makes customers feel heard and appreciated, fostering a sense of involvement and loyalty to the business.

BizBooster AI’s Survey tool offers a direct line to customer thoughts and needs. By actively seeking and acting on this feedback, businesses can fine-tune their services, making customers feel heard and valued. This process not only enhances service quality but also solidifies customer loyalty by showing that their input directly shapes the business.


#3: Monitor and Build Your Social Media

Build a loyal community through proactive social media engagement. Monitoring social media and engaging with customers in real-time allows businesses to connect with their audience on a personal level. This interaction demonstrates that the business values customer input and is committed to being part of their community, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

With BizBooster AI's social media monitoring, businesses can connect with customers in the digital realm where conversations happen. This real-time engagement creates a community around the brand, fostering relationships beyond transactions. Customers feel part of a valued community, strengthening their loyalty to the brand.


#4: Send Messages and Chat

Earn customer loyalty with instant, personalized communication. Providing instant, direct communication channels like messaging and chat features helps address customer inquiries and concerns quickly. This level of accessibility and personal attention greatly enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The messaging capabilities of BizBooster AI enable businesses to respond swiftly and personally to customer inquiries. This level of responsiveness not only resolves concerns efficiently but also conveys a message of care and attention, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and, consequently, their loyalty.


#5: Automated Marketing Campaigns

Cultivate loyalty through personalized, targeted marketing. Automated marketing campaigns that are tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors show customers that the business understands and values their unique needs. This personalized approach makes customers feel special and more connected to the brand, thereby increasing their loyalty.

BizBooster AI's automated marketing campaigns are tailored to customer preferences, making each message feel personal and relevant. This thoughtful customization makes customers feel understood and valued, fostering a deeper connection with the brand and enhancing their loyalty.


#6: Listing Management

Strengthen customer trust and loyalty with impeccable listing management. Accurate and consistent listing management across various platforms ensures that customers always receive correct and reliable information. This consistency builds trust, which is a critical component of customer loyalty.

Consistent and accurate business listings across platforms, ensured by BizBooster AI, boost brand visibility and credibility. This accuracy in information fosters trust, a fundamental building block of customer loyalty. When customers trust a brand, their loyalty naturally follows.


#7: Insights and Analytics

Leverage insights to align perfectly with customer preferences, boosting loyalty. Utilizing insights and analytics to understand customer interactions and preferences allows businesses to make informed decisions that cater to their audience’s needs. This data-driven approach shows customers that their preferences are taken seriously, enhancing their loyalty.

BizBooster AI offers detailed analytics on customer interactions, providing businesses with crucial insights. Understanding customer behavior and feedback allows for informed decisions that resonate with customer needs. This alignment not only improves service quality but also shows customers they are truly understood, enhancing their loyalty.


#8: Referral Program Management

Fuel customer advocacy and loyalty with effective referral program management. Managing referral programs effectively encourages customers to refer new clients, often in exchange for rewards or recognition. This not only incentivizes word-of-mouth promotion but also makes existing customers feel valued for their contributions, reinforcing their loyalty to the brand.

BizBooster AI's management of referral programs incentivizes customers to share their positive experiences. This not only expands the customer base but also rewards and acknowledges existing customers for their loyalty and advocacy. By valuing their contributions, businesses nurture a loyal customer base that actively promotes the brand.

Ready to Increase Your Customer Loyalty? Or Do You Need Help?

In an ever-evolving market, the key to sustaining a successful home services business lies in not just attracting new customers but in nurturing the ones you already have. By implementing these cutting-edge strategies, you can significantly increase customer loyalty, turning your clients into advocates for your brand. Remember, loyal customers are more than just repeat buyers; they are the cornerstone of your business’s growth and longevity.

Are you ready to transform your customer base into a loyal community? 

Don't let your competitors get ahead. Take the first step towards boosting your customer retention and profits. Start with a free online presence checkup. 

Contact us now and learn how our innovative strategies can revolutionize your approach to customer loyalty. Let's make your home services business not just a choice, but a preference for every customer. 


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