Written By
Susan Anderson
Business Development / February 19, 2024

Top Roofing SEO Strategies: Rank Higher in 2024

Written By
Susan Anderson
Top Roofing SEO Strategies: Rank Higher in 2024

In roofing, the difference between a click and a call can hinge on your Google ranking, the term "roofing SEO" isn't just industry jargon—it's your ticket to the big leagues. If you're running a roofing company and your SEO strategy doesn't include a targeted approach to landing in the Google 3-Pack, you might as well be handing your competitors the ladder to climb right over you. 

If you're ready to stop watching your competitors outmaneuver you in the digital space and start making strategic moves that'll place your roofing business in the spotlight, you're in the right place. 

This guide isn't just about SEO theory; it's a blueprint for action.

Your mission: Get your roofing company into the Google 3-Pack. 

Buckle up. It's time to turbocharge your roofing SEO strategy. And who knows? With the right approach and a little help from your new secret weapon, the view from the top of that 3-Pack might just be spectacular.

Roofing SEO - local or organic

Which Do You Need - Local or Organic SEO?

Understanding the twin pillars of SEO—Local and Organic—is crucial for roofers aiming to nail their online marketing. Let's break it down:

Local SEO puts you on the map, quite literally. When customers in your area hunt for roofing services, they're led right to your doorstep, thanks to Local Map-Pack listings and Google Maps results. 

Organic SEO, on the other hand, boosts your visibility on search result pages for broader queries. If someone is looking for "best roofing materials" without a location-specific term, a strong organic SEO presence can place you among the top links they see. 

You probably only need Local SEO. That is, unless you’re selling nationwide.

Roofing SEO keywords

Building a Strong Foundation: Keyword Research and Selection

Identifying Keywords with Local Intent for Roofers

When it comes to connecting with homeowners in your vicinity, pinpointing the right keywords is like finding the perfect shingle—it fits just right and protects against the storm of competition. To identify keywords with a local intent:

  1. Start by brainstorming basic terms related to your services, such as "roofing contractors", "roof repair", and "roofers".
  2. Enhance these terms with location-specific modifiers, like the name of your city or region (e.g., "Roof repair Lancaster PA").
  3. Don't forget variations and service-specific phrases that locals might use. Think "emergency roof repair [Your City]" or "residential roofing [Your City]".

With these localized keywords, your roofing business becomes highly discoverable to the community you serve, anchoring your digital presence firmly to your target market. 

Remember, the goal here is to ensure that when homeowners are pummeled by the rain and in dire need of a roofer, your name is the one they find—and trust—first.

Integrating Keywords into Your Website Content Strategically

Incorporating those carefully chosen keywords into your website content goes beyond simply sprinkling them across your pages. Doing it right can do wonders for your search engine rankings.

  1. Use keywords in your page titles and headers to signal both search engines and readers about the topic of your content. 
  2. Place them naturally within your website text, making sure the content flows smoothly for the reader. 
  3. Don't forget to include keywords in your meta descriptions and alt tags for images, enhancing your visibility in search results and image searches.
  4. Keep an eye out for opportunities to create internal links with anchor text that uses your keywords, strengthening your site's network.

Ensuring keywords are woven subtly throughout your content helps search engines latch onto your site as a relevant result, ultimately driving more local customers your way. And remember, strategic doesn't mean stuffing—overuse can harm your rankings as much as it can help.

On-Page Optimization: The Blueprint for Success

Mastering Meta Information for Higher Click-Through Rates

To win the SEO game, mastering meta information is a critical play. Meta-titles and meta-descriptions are your digital billboards, inviting users to click through to your website.

  • Craft compelling meta-titles that include your primary keyword towards the beginning. This tags your page as relevant and is eye-candy for users scrolling through a search result page. 
  • Whip up meta-descriptions with a persuasive hook, succinctly summarizing the page content and including a call-to-action or a unique value proposition. Despite not directly influencing rankings, they do entice clicks, and that's gold for traffic. 

By nailing your meta information, you're not just optimizing for search engines, but for potential clients too. Higher click-through rates can lead to more leads and sales, proving that good meta is a smart investment with high returns.

Roofing SEO - answer their questions

Crafting Quality Content that Addresses Customer FAQs

Creating content that answers your customers' most burning questions not only positions you as an authoritative voice in the roofing industry but also plants seeds for organic SEO success.

  • Identify common questions your potential clients have, like "How long does a roof installation take?" or "What are the best roofing materials for my area?" 
  • Develop comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest content that not only answers these questions but also provides additional value, such as maintenance tips or cost-saving advice.
  • Remember to incorporate relevant keywords naturally into your answers to boost SEO, but focus first and foremost on the readability and helpfulness of the content.

With this approach, your website becomes a go-to resource, effectively capturing curious searchers and turning them into satisfied customers. Plus, content that genuinely helps people has a greater chance of being shared, broadening your reach organically.

Off-Page Elements: Constructing an Authoritative Online Presence

The Art of Acquiring Quality Backlinks

Securing high-quality backlinks is akin to collecting endorsements from the digital community. These external nods of approval tell search engines that your roofing content is both credible and valuable.

  • Focus on creating exceptional content that naturally attracts links. It could be original research on roofing materials, an in-depth guide on choosing the right roofer, or an infographic on annual roofing maintenance.
  • Engage with relevant online communities and industry influencers who might be interested in sharing your content. This includes roofing forums, home improvement blogs, and social media groups.
  • Establish partnerships through guest blogging on reputable home improvement websites or collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers on joint content pieces.

The objective is to earn links rather than chasing them. Quality backlinks from authoritative sources can offer a significant boost to SEO and enhance your credibility in the eyes of both search engines and customers. 

Roofing SEO - listings

YES, You Want Listings in Local Directories, But…

Harnessing the power of local directory listings and customer reviews is a critical, yet time-intensive, part of fortifying your roofing business's reputation and search engine rankings. 

The meticulous process of ensuring your business is accurately listed across all relevant online directories—particularly those dedicated to the roofing industry—demands a considerable investment of time. Achieving consistency in your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) across all listings is not a one-and-done task. It's an ongoing commitment crucial for boosting local SEO, just like the constant maintenance homes require. 

How are your roofing company’s listings looking right now? 

Most businesses’ listings are a bit of a mess. It might sound inconsequential if one listing says “Street” and another says “St.” But that small difference makes a big difference in your likelihood of getting your roofing business into the Google 3-Pack. Over time, most business listings become inconsistent.

You can check your listings for free by scanning your business here.

Roofing SEO - reviews

How Are You Doing with Getting and Responding to Reviews?

Business owners who are serious about climbing to the top of the Google 3-Pack start to understand how crucial it is to ask every customer for a review. They build a system for getting reviews and responding to them perfectly.

If you plan to do this manually, prepare to devote a significant amount of time each week to do it right.

Our clients don’t waste time trying to collect and reply to enough reviews to get them into the Google 3-Pack. Instead, they use our BizBooster AI platform to put this task on autopilot. They find “Bizi” can handle this important marketing task faster and better than an employee could. They also often start seeing results quickly - they start climbing the Google 3-Pack and reach the top of the list faster than they even thought possible.

Not sure how your reviews are looking? Run a quick scan here to find out.

Just as a well-maintained roof protects a home, a well-managed online presence protects and enhances the reputation of your roofing business. 

Roofing SEO - google 3-pack

Your Roofing Company Needs to Top the Google 3-Pack

Optimize your Google Business Profile listing for local search

Having a well-optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) listing is a linchpin to surfacing in local search queries.

  • Make the most of every field in your GBP, filling in comprehensive details about your services, operating hours, and business history. Include keywords naturally to help your listing shine in search results.
  • Upload an array of high-quality images that showcase your work, your team, and your equipment. These visuals can be highly persuasive to potential customers vetting your business. 

Take a moment to carefully select and feature your service offerings in the products section, as Google gives these prime real estate in the SERPs. By following these steps, your chance of landing in the coveted top 3 slots of Google's local pack for "roofers near me" or "[Your City] roofing services" increases exponentially, navigating more local leads to your doorstep. 

Publish high-quality content with local signals

To give your roofing business heightened search visibility, infusing your content with local signals is a tactic of precision and impact.

  • Create Google Business posts that address local roofing issues, such as weather-specific problems in your region, or highlight recent projects you've completed in the community. Mention local landmarks, events, and neighborhood names where you've worked. This not only humanizes your brand but also reinforces your local presence to search engines and potential customers.
  • Include testimonials from local residents and embed maps of your recent work locations. This adds authenticity and further localizes your content.

High-quality, locally-focused content not only appeals to your immediate potential client base but also signals to search engines that you are an active and relevant participant in the local marketplace. This strategic approach bolsters the likelihood of your business appearing in hyper-local searches, making it easier for customers in your area to find you when they need roofing services the most. 

FAQ: Tackling Your Top Roofing SEO Questions

What Makes Roofing SEO Different from Other Industries?

Roofing SEO stands out because it targets a specific, service-oriented consumer market. Unlike e-commerce or broad-based B2B industries, the focus is on local visibility and addressing immediate or emergency needs.

  • Roofers must zero in on geo-specific keywords and long-tail searches that indicate high purchase intent, such as “roof leak repair in [City Name]".
  • Roofing websites also need strong, persuasive content that positions them as reliable, immediate solution providers for weather-related and urgent repair services.

Roofing SEO thrives on a blend of localized strategies and industry-specific content that is unique compared to more generalized SEO approaches used in other fields. 

How Long Should I Expect to Wait for SEO Results in the Roofing Industry?

It depends on whether you’re doing your roofing SEO manually or if you’ve got access to a tool like BizBooster AI. 

If you’re doing it the old way, expecting immediate results in SEO is like expecting a newly planted seed to sprout overnight. Patience is key, especially in the roofing industry. Generally, you may start seeing tangible improvements within 3 to 6 months, but the real game-changing results often emerge around the 6 to 12-month mark.

However, our BizBooster AI clients don’t wait so long to take their spot in the Google 3-Pack. We have seen some go from being way down on the list to in the top 3 spots within days. Of course, we can’t promise how quickly Bizi will work for you, but it WILL work. Even better, it works without your work. Packages start at $350 per month.

Can I Handle Roofing SEO on My Own, or Should I Hire an Agency?

Deciding between a DIY approach or hiring a roofing SEO agency hinges on your resources, expertise, and time. If you have a knack for digital marketing and can stay abreast of SEO trends, you might tackle it solo and save on costs. 

Of course, most roofing companies specialize in… roofing, not SEO. 

That’s why digital marketing firms keep contacting you about  SEO for roofers. Some are really good at what they do. Most require a significant monthly investment. Not many give any sort of guarantee. 

On the flip side, if you're short on time and prefer to focus on the operational side of your business, you have more choices than DIY and hiring an expensive agency. 

BizBooster AI can get this crucial task done for you - on autopilot. Packages start at just $350 per month. Small plumbing repairs like unclogging a sink or drain cleaning costs $75 to $250, while larger jobs like fixing a water heater or sump pump cost $500 to $800. Get just 1-2 small repair calls per month from being in the Google 3-Pack, and you’d be covered. But you’re not likely to just get 1-2 more calls… more like hundreds each month when you’re at the top of the 3-Pack.

Roofing SEO - scan your business

We Can Help You Get Your Roofing Company into the Google 3-Pack

​​As we wrap up this comprehensive guide to roofing SEO strategies, let's face it: the digital landscape is as challenging to navigate as a steep, slippery roof. 

But just as you wouldn't leave a roofing job half-finished, you can't afford to neglect your online presence. It's the digital curb appeal that draws customers to your door, and the Google 3-Pack is the prime real estate you want to occupy.

You've got the tools, the strategies, and the know-how to climb the rankings. But before you set off on this SEO journey, there's one more step that could make all the difference: understanding where you stand right now. It's like inspecting a roof before you start laying down new shingles. 

You need to know which areas need fixing before you can create a plan to get the job done.

That's where a quick, no-fuss scan of your business comes in. Imagine having the ability to see, with just a few clicks, where your business listings might be falling short, or how your reviews are stacking up against the competition. This isn't just about spotting problems. It's about identifying opportunities to improve your visibility and your chances of securing a spot in the coveted Google 3-Pack.

Scan your business today to see where you've got room for improvement in your journey to the Google 3-Pack. It's fast, it's easy, and it's the first step toward dominating the digital skyline in your area.

Scan Your Business


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