Written By
Susan Anderson
LeadsCon 2019 / January 29, 2019

Ultimate Survival Guide for LeadsCon 2019

Written By
Susan Anderson
Ultimate Survival Guide for LeadsCon 2019

Ready for LeadsCon 2019? You’re about to be!

Whether you’re running an exhibit or simply attending, having the right game plan in place before heading to LeadsCon 2019 is crucial. Attended by thousands of marketers and companies every year, it’s an event that permits the chance to connect with industry leaders and decision-makers, network with other lead generation professionals, and gain important exposure for your company.

Although this trade show is one of the premier platforms for digital marketers to exchange ideas and experiences, it’s all too easy to get sidetracked. Between large crowds, excessive noise levels, and conflicting agendas, remaining on task can be difficult. Not to mention all the details that should be ironed out beforehand – What does your booth need? If you’re going to LeadsCon 2019 as an attendee, what are some essentials you should have on hand? What about the specifics of LeadsCon in Las Vegas, or Connect to Convert in Boston?

For the answers to these questions, along with many others, read on for tips and insights that will help you survive LeadsCon 2019.

Survival Tips for LeadsCon 2019 Attendees

LeadsCon2019 Even when you don’t need to worry about organizing and running a booth, most trade shows require a great deal of time and energy. From traveling, to dealing with hotel stays, to spending countless hours on your feet, stress can often get in the way of your plans. These factors only grow more daunting if you fail to plan ahead, but following even simple guidelines can make a substantial difference,

Dress to impress… comfortably.  

Checking out the dress code ahead of time is a good starting point – for LeadsCon functions, business casual attire is appropriate – but you’ll also want to ensure that you can look good while remaining comfortable. You might have a fancy suit or some high heels you’ve been dying to show off, but trade shows are marathons that involve a great deal of walking and standing around. Clothes that fit well, with jackets or sweaters you can add or remove as needed, should be your priority. For shoes, stick with those that are flat, professional-looking, and have good arch support.

Plan your breakout sessions… and get your LeadsCon 2019 agenda sent to your phone.

LeadsCon 2019Just pop over to the LeadsCon site to preview all the breakout sessions they’ve got scheduled. For any that spark your interest, just hit “Add to My Agenda” then enter your email address at the bottom of the page, and you’ll get a handy-dandy reminder of who, what, where, and when those sessions are. Sure beats trying to keep that information in your head.

Remember to eat… and do so regularly.

A long day of trade show mingling on your feet will be much more manageable if you’ve fueled up properly in the morning. Even if you’re not typically a breakfast eater, forgoing the quick snack bar in favor of a full, healthy meal is a good idea for events like LeadsCon. A big breakfast will sustain you even if you end up missing lunch due to scheduling issues, but it’s also good procedure to have some portable snacks on you as well.

Remember to drink (water)... and also not to drink too much (not water).

Staying hydrated is always an essential, but when there’s a lot happening around you it’s all too easy to forget about taking that occasional swig of water. Just like with eating properly, ensuring your hydration needs are met will go a long way towards keeping you functioning at your best as you network with other marketing professionals.

And as for the other kind of drinking, it might be difficult to restrain yourself – who doesn’t like to unwind with a cocktail or three after a long day of shop talk? – but staying sober means you won’t end up doing something that embarrasses yourself – or more importantly, your company, later on. You’ll also have an edge on the people who overindulge and end up nursing hangovers on subsequent days.

Pack a go bag… and be prepared for anything.

LeadsCon 2019There’s no better way to gain a better appreciation for home than to travel. You need THIS but left it at home. You debated bringing THAT but sure are glad you did. It’s hard to anticipate which item you’ll be wishing you brought with you, but it’s a guarantee there will be something. While you don’t want to have to lug a bunch of luggage with you all over the convention floor, you also don’t want to find yourself suffering because you went too minimalist. You might want to pack a go bag with stuff like:

  • Phone cord and charger

  • Breath mints

  • Band-Aids

  • Cushions to go in your shoes

  • Tissues

  • Advil or Tylenol

Plan ahead for networking… a LOT of networking.

You can’t script out how a conversation or booth visit will go, but it’s prudent to plan out the elements that do fall within your control. Scheduling out which booths you’d like to visit, which events are worth checking out, and notable connections you’d like to make, can all be done ahead of time using the event program, networking, and Leadscon attendee lists available on the event website.

Beyond that, having an elevator pitch in mind for those encounters with new connections can make the process much easier. And don’t forget to bring lots of business cards – if you believe you have enough of them, add some more. You can stash them in the bag you should have on hand for all the freebies and any notes you might take – there’s only so much you can fit in your pockets.

LeadsCon 2019

Tips for LeadsCon ‘19 Exhibitors

A trade show exhibit can produce a host of benefits that far exceed typical marketing procedures. And although not every booth produces the desired results, there is a great deal you can do to maximize your chances of walking away from LeadsCon with your goals achieved. 

Simply put, the more effort you invest in your exhibit, the better off you’ll be. At the same time, like having two rowers in a boat who are moving out of synch, your hard work will be wasted if you don’t apply it correctly. These guidelines, derived from strategies adopted by successful trade show booths, should make that part easier.

Get started early… and rush at the end anyway.

Given the multitude of items on your to-do list, it’s easy to justify pushing certain items back. But when you’re going to be running a trade show exhibit, getting more done ahead of time can make all the difference in the world. It saves you from needing to worry about many of the small details when you should instead be focusing on your staff and attendees.

Designing and sending out event invitations earlier will also give your client list more time to plan their trips. If there’s anyone you’d like to meet with who’s exhibiting or attending LeadsCon, you might want to get that scheduled in advance. Lastly, you should also look into reserving and designing your booth as soon as possible, to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Make a strong first impression… and bring cookies?

LeadsCon 2019In the same way a blind date can form an opinion of you within the first few seconds of meeting, people tend to reach conclusions about a brand very quickly. Your exhibit is an extension of your company, as well as yourself, which means you’ll need to ensure that visitors get the right impression when they arrive.

Some companies have bigger budgets and can invest much more into their trade show booths, but even the more frugal among us need to avoid cutting corners when it comes to the exhibition. Ensure that attendees feel welcome from the moment they set foot inside – refreshments, comfortable places to sit, and even some fresh baked cookies could make a significant difference in how you’re perceived by newcomers.

Stand out from the rest… and make them want to wait in line to see you.

LeadsCon caters to thousands of lead-generation professionals, meaning there will be no shortage of booths competing with you for the attentions of the masses. As such, it’s a good idea to do what you can to stand apart from the others. Utilize your creativity, and try to come up with ways to make your exhibit memorable and exciting for visitors.

Making your presentation more interactive, such as with the use of touch screens, can incentivize people to stick around. A crowd will always attract more passing interest than a deserted booth – others will want to see what all the fuss is about! Consider your exhibit as a settling where attendees can have an experience, as opposed to simply hearing a pitch.

Go beyond your booth… and get out now and then.

LeadsCon 2019Although your booth should be your primary base of operations during LeadsCon, there’s no reason you can’t make an impact beyond its boundaries. Even seasoned exhibitors stand to gain a great deal by checking out what the competition is doing, and becoming a leader in your space means being aware of what the companies at the top are doing at events like these. Set some time aside to explore a little, so you can get a feel for what the others are up to.

You can also extend your own reach without going anywhere. With special giveaways and promotional items, you can spread the word about your booth without doing any of the legwork. The more people wearing eye-catching gear from your exhibit, the more attendees will ask about them. And your company, as well as your booth, will be a part of the conversation.

Schedule breaks… and actually take them.

Exhibiting at a convention is typically expected to produce some long and stressful days, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make allowances for your own well-being. Schedule some breaks for yourself and the staff you have with you, even if they just allow enough time for resting those feet and getting a quick snack. 

Arranging a seating area for the team, incorporated into the booth itself (preferably in the rear) could allow for regular breaks without the risk of leaving your booth undermanned. On that point, remember to avoid eating in the booth itself – this looks unprofessional, and could make you appear less approachable to people visiting your exhibition.

Measure success... and follow up quickly.

LeadsCon 2019If something worked well – or didn’t – you’ll want to know what it was so you can adapt your course accordingly. Set yourself benchmarks for success beforehand, so that you’ll be able to evaluate the ROI as well as the other factors that matter most to you. There’s always another event on the horizon, so taking the opportunity to measure your success and identify weaknesses will give you a head start on the next one.

Speaking of head starts, don’t be afraid to follow up with new leads on a short turnaround. You might feel the need to wait at least three days before calling, like after getting someone’s phone number, but this runs a certain risk. Trade shows like LeadsCon involve hundreds of interactions, and waiting too long can allow a new connection to forget what you told them. Get in touch with new contacts quickly, before the memories fade.

Navigating LeadsCon Las Vegas 2019

A number of verticals fall under the LeadsCon umbrella. Whether you’re an advertiser, lead buyer, marketing specialist, or a tech company, this convention can help pave the way for meeting your various acquisition and conversion goals. If you’re headed to the desert for Leadscon Las Vegas this year, and you don’t know where to begin, this list is a good place to start:

Pick the right lodging… and get some sleep.

LeadsCon 2019If at all possible, it’s well worth making the host hotel your choice for accommodations. It might be tempting to seek out cheaper alternatives, but the money you save will likely become an afterthought as you miss out on bonus interactions with other attendees who will undoubtedly be taking advantage of special rates. Additionally, you might not even save all that much if you end up footing the bill for extra transportation costs between the venue and your hotel of choice.

Plan your transportation… and count on traffic. A LOT of traffic.

Building on the previous item, it is imperative that you have a solid transportation plan in place for getting where you need to go. LeadsCon Las Vegas 2019 will be located at The Mirage, which is easily accessible from McCarran International Airport. Booking your ride ahead of time, or utilizing event accommodations, will help you avoid the long taxi lines that will be waiting for you outside – if you’ve been to this particular airport before, you know there will be no shortage of lines and delays.

Something else to consider: if you’re taking a large group, a limo could actually be a cost-effective way to get from Point A to Point B. And what better way to boost team morale before the big convention than riding there in style?

Plan to save when you can… and make your expense account go further.

LeadsCon 2019You won’t want to skimp on the items that matter most, but in cities like Las Vegas, it’s all too easy to end up spending much more than necessary on basic essentials. For instance, getting bottled water from the room mini-fridge or the hotel gift shop can get expensive in a hurry. Instead, stop at a store so you can stock up on cheap or refillable bottles beforehand. You don't want to get dehydrated... but who wants to spend $10 on a bottle of water?

Be prepared for the desert climate… and bring lip balm.

Vegas is a city known for its exhilarating nightlife, but the fun also comes along with a dry heat that could catch out-of-towners off guard. Even if you end up spending the majority of your time indoors, it’s important to have lightweight, breathable apparel for when you’re out in the sun. The dryness of the climate also means it’s a good idea to bring along plenty of lip balm and skin moisturizer. And if the dryness is interfering with your sleep, many hotels in Las Vegas provide air humidifiers upon request.

Have no reservations about making reservations… and eat what you love.

With the huge number of places to eat in LV, and the round-the-clock hours adopted by many establishments, you might assume getting a bite to eat at dinnertime would be a simple matter. This isn’t necessarily the case, especially when a big convention like LeadsCon is in progress. Book your reservations ahead of time, so you’ll be able to get what you need quickly and without unwanted additional stress.  

Remember that you’re working, even in Vegas… and behave yourself.

LeadsCon 2019It’s a rather popular slogan regarding the city’s reputation, but the truth is that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. When you’re in Las Vegas for LeadsCon, it’s very important to remain aware of all the ways something can end up on the internet. Everybody has a camera phone nowadays, and everything you and your staff do can be taken as a reflection of your company. Set expectations for the team beforehand, as dishing out preventative measures is much more painless than conducting damage-control after the fact.

LeadsCon Connect to Convert

What to Know for LeadsCon Boston – Connect to Convert

Professionals seeking to get their hands on the pulse of the lead generation industry’s hottest emerging areas would do well to secure a spot at LeadsCon Boston, also known as Connect to Convert. Attendees gain access to both B2C and B2B insights, as well as new and emerging strategies related to optimizing Pay-Per-Call campaigns, click through rates, viral marketing, paid search, and of course, lead generation. 

With attendees ranging from executive board members to managers, new partners and solutions are within your grasp at LeadsCon Boston 2019. But in order to make the most of this educational experience in performance marketing, you’ll be well served to keep the following in mind:

Know your Boston lodging options… and don’t spend your day on the T.

Whether you’re attending or exhibiting, you’ll want to be able to focus your energy on getting value out of LeadsCon’s offerings, not on navigating the Mass Transit schedule or riding the T. This means making other elements of your visit, like going back and forth from your hotel to the venue, as convenient as possible.

Just like LeadsCon Boston 2018, the 2019 iteration of Connect to Convert will be located at The Westin Boston Waterfront. If you’re unable to secure lodging at the Westin, there are alternative options that fall within a 2 block radius or a 12-minute walk from the convention center:

  • Envoy Hotel
  • Seaport Hotel
  • Residence Inn
  • Renaissance Boston Waterfront

Do your homework… and know who will be there.

LeadsCon Connect to ConvertAlthough Boston LeadsCon 2019 is a multi-day event, running September 25th to the 27th, it’s still possible to miss out on something that could’ve been vital to your objectives if you aren’t careful. Sometimes, even the guides you’re given upon arrival won’t provide you the proper lay of the land. Especially given that you’ll have your own preferences and priorities based on what you’re looking to achieve. 

Connect to Convert features lead generation insights pertaining to a number of verticals. Given all the options, it’s well worth the time it takes to do some preliminary research on speakers and presentations, which include the following disciplines, business types and specializations:

  • Investment firms
  • Education
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage and finance
  • Advertising agencies
  • Lead buyers
  • Marketing companies
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Technology solutions

Save on your LeadsCon 2019 tickets… and come see us!

Come talk with Tom and Angela from Digital Market Media at our booth (#1006) at LeadsCon 2019. Not only can you find out how to get all the fully-compliant top-quality calls, clicks, and leads you can handle… you can also pick up a copy of our brand new book.

But wait… there’s more. If you use this promo code: LC2019SE100, you can get $100 off the purchase of a Conference or Conference Plus pass.

Prospects who engage over the phone and make the choice to call are better qualified than traditional web leads. In fact, market research has shown pay per call campaigns to produce leads that are 15 times more likely to convert! And if you’re seeking a new lead generation solution that utilizes this exciting avenue, Digital Market Media is leading the charge.

Come visit us at LeadsCon, and find out how we can open up a steady stream of new, highly qualified customers that show up ready to convert. And all you’d need to do to close the deal... is to turn on your new account. Want to connect sooner? Let's chat.


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